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Spanner Day - Interested?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jafu, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. It strikes me judging by the number of posts regarding chain tension/adjustment, that there could be an afternoon session where the more experienced Netriders show the newer riders how to complete a chain adjustment safely and easily. Provided there are enough interested people of course

  2. Jafu - I would come along to that...
  3. Maybe we can have it at Phanoongy's place. :shock: :LOL:
  4. Would that be a "left handed" spanner for me? I can't use those damn right handed ones :? :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Yea, I was just about to suggest something like that. Go through the maintainence stuff from changing oil, adjust and lubing chain, suspension, brake fluid, etc etc.
  6. I'm prepared to help and may be able to find a bike shop or workshop that we could run it in. Also we can discuss performance modifications and changes for track days/fast riding.
  7. I'm in, and happy to give a hand with organising.
  8. Sounds interesting...

    Not sure which camp I would be in though, years of experience but mechanically inept.
  9. Making the coffee? :D
  10. Cheeky bugger :LOL:

    How about a nice cup of tea instead....
  11. White & one thanks old chap ;-)
  12. You make the tea and I'll make the coffee, just need someone to bake the scones :)
  13. ^^^^ Hope we're not adjusting my chain them, he he
  14. I'd leave the chain adjustment section to "Finger" Phanoogy :D .

    If everyone can wait about 2,000 km my bike will be due it 's next service...... :wink: :)
  15. how about we restore something? maybe an old 250, something from the start of the 70's, maybe a yamaha? would be very rewarding for everyone involved
  16. Ah so the viffer isn't for sale as yet???
    My Friday forecast was wrong :LOL:
    Still waiting for your impressions on the benelli ride!
  17. Hmm, my bike is pretty much at its 3000km since I bought it. I've already got the oil and oil filter, but stopped short of doing it. Reason being was umm... well when I tried to unscrew the bolt to drain the oil, it was so tight I nearly sheared the head :roll:.

    I'd be happy to donate my bike in for the demonstration :).
  18. Cool! I'd much rather shear your sump plug than mine.
  19. I'd be interested :)