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spanner cuts holes in his frame to save weight....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oz_johnno, May 24, 2010.

  1. for real, check it out


    I reckon this one ranks right up there with the guy who put energy drink into his gixxer's fuel tank..

    This bloke shouldnt be allowed out in public without supervision....

  2. Keep reading,I don't know what I like more,the perspex rear sets or the home made muffler with pop rivet,BTW the holes are not for weight saving,the bike has a factory Ram Air system but genius thinks bigger is better,that is till the frame snaps in half
  3. Yeah, this has had a run on several O/S forums in the last week or so. Before you bag him out, however note that he has fitted Oggy Knobs to protect the frame from damage!!
  4. That's just too funny, hopefully none of the woman folk will let him breed.
  5. exactly...............

    and he hasnt even bothered to round the hole off at teh corners to prevent stress points.... It will be a great ride till he hits a pothole...... then its all over

  6. what sort of safety factor are bike frames designed with?
  7. forget perspex rearsets, i'm gonna design a perspex frame!

    and yes i will put them into production once i master the art of stopping them exploding
  8. .....structural integrity?
  9. Would depend on the frame, so you wuold have to ask the engineers who designed it, but as others have said those cuts are going to crack more and more... only a matter of time and it's all over for the bike.

    Apparently he's part of a cult, may be part of his reasoning for his delousions of being smarter (or half as smart) as Kawa's engineers. In short he's bat sh!t crazy.
  10. Hyosung engineers are probably taking notes.
  11. Yup..them bike engineers at Kawasaki have no idea, pass me that there angle grinder.

    Ah, natural selection at its finest..just watch and wonder at the miracle of nature at work boys and girls.
  12. Shervo appearing soon at that darwin awards.
  13. FFS...the manufacturers go to great lengths to make a bike as light as can be safely done, already. And spend millions on researching it...

    If you want to REEEEEEEALLY lose weight.....I mean reeeeeeally (I'm serious)...you can take alot of weight off a bike without even touching it...
    Go on a bloody diet!

    Nearly everyone could lose a kilo or two....tell me how you could get THAT amount of weight off a bike.

    If YOU lose a few kilos, your bike will go like a cut cat!
  14. ^^^ What he said.
    Though a quote from one of my friends who does a lot of track days
    "i don't see why people spend thousands on carbon fibre. I can get the same affect from x-lax"
  15. so where is the problem, i mean it looks like he did a neat job of cutting and the square and besides looks as though the manufacturer just **** up and added to much thickness to the frame anyway, i am sure the new model zx10 will probably be adjusted to have this weight saving measuring too (y)

    knob ](*,)
  16. I'm aghast.

    Rough cut square cornered holes in a stressed member...

    bye bye shervo, you wont be around for long.
  17. Ahem. I knocked 30kgs off the project bike (without sacrificing structural integrity).

    I've also knocked 20kgs off myself. I've only got 6kgs to go before reaching my target weight.

    So far, the it looks like the bike has won the weight loss battle. :evil:

    Edit: Fastest, and possibly cheapest, way to lose 2kgs off a bike. Buy one of these. 2-3kgs gone for ~$250. I recommend the P2 Speedcell for all bikes >400cc.
  18. Put a full tailbag on the bike. Might be cheating but at least you will be winning :p
  19. Maybe, but there's actually about 4kgs still to come off the bike too. Waiting for parts... At the end of the day, it'll be 34kgs for the bike, and 26kgs for me.

    Still, can never be sad about 60kgs less weight being lugged around.