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Spanner Arvo - Sat 11 Dec - Sunshine

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. My bike needs an oil change, a new oil filter and a chain adjustment. So I am going to do this next Saturday 11 Dec 10 at hawklord's place in Sunshine at 2.00 pm.

    These are pretty simple maintenance procedures which anyone can do. If you want to come along and see how it's done send hawklord a PM for his address. Better still, if your bike needs an oil change or chain adjustment and you don't know how to do it, why not come along and get some hands on experience under guidance. Knowing how to do these simple procedures will save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance

    Hawklord and I will be coming straight from the Saturday morning Learner practice session so anyone who is at that can simply ride their with us.

    If you are interested let us know so we have a rough idea of numbers.
  2. ohhh I need somewhere to cook some bangers
  3. I remember going to this about a year ago. Was very informative. Unfortunately I can't make this one.
  4. Agree it was a great day ... I might take Riley down ..
    he likes to work with spanners :D
  5. Well done GreyBM and Hawklord for doing this.=D> There hasn't been an advertised spanner day in the west for a long time. I would advise those that are able to attend. Unfortunately I won't be there due:cry: to kids birthday parties that day.
  6. Me, Phil and a bike and scooter and video camera will be attending.
  7. I'll be doing the same to a Ninja 250 this wednesday night in Tarneit. PM or FB for details. Will be doing the Gix sometime Friday AM, though I doubt anybody will be able to make that.
  8. Good to hear your still around the area port.
  9. Weather looks good for Sat.
    Will be informal, come down for a chat.
  10. I'm planning on coming down and will try to get my 12000 service done... I should have thought o this earlier but.. any chance someone can PM me the address?? haha.

    I might try to find the Learner Practice session to find out, if I have time this morning.
  11. The learner practice session was held behind BP Elwood in the car park from 10:00-12:30 then some people went to Doug's place in Sunshine for the spanner session. Don't know exact address unfortunately.
  12. It's alright, he found it :)
  13. He is still probably there trying to find the spark plugs. Thanx Doug & Dave for the help, with the oil change, filter, and explaining about the rear brake pads indicators. Was really good.
  14. Good to hear : )
  15. Yeah I found it, thanks to my network of netrider contacts :D.

    It was indeed a most informative afternoon. I got my oil, filter and front brake fluid taken care of by the end of the day and learned how to access the spark plugs (although we weren't able to get in there in the end, due to lack of a REDICULOUS tool (8" long 3mm allen key anyone?!).

    Would you believe that to get to the plugs (or air filter - which I probably should have had a look at while I was in there!) you need to take off the rear fairings around the tail!!!!

    Many thanks for the space, help, advice, tools, 'interesting' humour and the hand cleaner must go to Dave and especially to Doug.
  16. Thanks to all of you who made the effort to attend.

    Was a good day.
  17. Thanks Doug.

    Sincer Julie wanted an oil change we did hers instead and I ended up doing mine last night when I got home.