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Spanish riders

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Someone brought this up recently, I did a search but couldn't find it.

    BUT here's the figures for Spanish riders in the latest GP grids.

    125 race: 9 out of 30 riders are Spanish
    250 race: 4 out of 32 riders are Spanish
    500 race: 4 out of 20 riders are Spanish.

    Seems like the Spanish really are putting a lot of effort into getting riders into World Championship racing. Is this just a numerical coincidence, or do they have a programme (that we, obviously, do not!)??
  2. i think there was a couple of Spanish riders at master Bike this year also, that impressed with their riding skills and in the World Superbikes there is this guy , > quote below taken from a website

    Another works Ducati rider made the headlines this year, with new boy Lorenzo Lanzi showing well as a substitute rider.

    only 23 years old and upsetting the apple cart, the Italians have such a rich history in motorcycle/car racing must be in their genes
  3. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4

    Thats why.
  4. Cowboy's right. For a start, kids can ride bikes legally on the street when they are 15, motorcycles are HUGE in Spain (sales and market penetration-wise) and people like Alberto Puig, old man Nieto (can't remember his Christian name, Joreg Martinez and others have a talent spotting programme that is directed towards getting young Spanish riders into GP's

    The FIM's decision to throw 125cc racing open to 15 year olds has played right into their hands as well.

    So they get their start in 125's then go on to the 250cc class and more young Spanish riders come in to take their place.