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Spamming via PM's

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. It has just been brought to our attention that a forum user has this afternoon been spamming other forum users with PM's. This occurred after, and despite, the user having had posts deleted from the forum and a PM conversation with them explaining to them the reason why.

    Spamming of users via PM, particularly after explanation why, is obviously against the rules and conditions of this forum. The user has been removed from the forum, and all PM's sent by this user have been deleted.

    Netrider apologies to those of you who were spammed by this user, and to those of you who may have received notification of a new PM only to find you didn't have one.
  2. Im getting a message saying the PM's have been disabled on this board. I cant get to my folder at all.
  3. The PM system has been temporarily disabled whilst the extent of spamming is investigated. It will be re-enabled shortly.
  4. ditto here
    don't care to receive spam..but real messages?
    can't check...boohoo

    thanks for letting us know whats happening... :D

  5. Hmmm,
    now there's a coincidence!

    Just cleaning up all the web shortcuts on my desktop,
    a couple left over that wasn't too sure about,
    so decide to check 'em out.

    Whilst opening shortcut link to 'Netrider Private Messaging'
    greeted with; :? :(

    Hey thanks for the explanation, :)
    otherwise i would 'ave been befuddled for ages!
  6. And now re-enabled.