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Spaghetti electrics indicatori

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by kols_kebabs, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. A mate and I decided today to go on a week long 1800km roadtrip on Tuesday, so getting my bike in immaculate conditions is imperative, and there is obviously no time (or budget) to get a mechanic.

    What were Yamaha thinking when they opened their belgarda factory?

    The electrics on the TTR600 show their national character. My rear left indicator hasn't worked since I've had the bike.

    I always assumed it was the bulb. Finally got round to changing the bulb today. Swapped the rear left and right bulbs around- turns out bulb is not the problem.

    Now, normally I would assume it was just the wiring to the rear left, and start there, testing connections.

    However something very strange happened after I swapped the bulb.

    Now the front left indicator doesn't work. When you flick the indicator switch, it flashes once, very dimly, and then no more. If the headlight is on, this single barely visible flash dims the headlight majorly, like it's draining a lot of power, to no result.


    Swapping the bulbs back around does not restore the front left indicators previously impeccable function.

    Have I created a problem with a major electrical component?

    Tragically I'm resigned to the fact I may need to seek alternative transport for the road trip.

  2. take your trusty multimeter, and hook it up between the active lead of the bulb and the frame

    LHS selector off, open circuit shown (greater then a million ohms), wire is fine.

    LHS selector on, greater then a few thou resistance -

    wire is working fine, replace the flasher unit. else, check the wiring for shorts. thats it. The wiring system is not very complex, Just takes a keen attention to detail. as for origin, keep in mind, even kincrome is made in thailand, the only comparison is that the materials need to meet australian specification.
  3. From what you describe youve shorted the wiring behind the lh rear bulb socket. check it out first.