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Average User Rating:
  1. Nice looking ride.. Is that you on a track or normal road?
  2. its at broady he only wears t shirt shorts and thongs on the road
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  3. That's at Broadford.
    Actually use it on both.
    Have a few different bikes to choose from at the moment!
  4. Ahh the pain of choosing what bike to ride today :p
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  5. Yeah, got 6!
    Need to sell a few. :arghh:
  6. One for each day, by the way you need a 7th :)
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  7. might need 8. never know when the govt will decide to sneak in a 'leap week' policy. best to be prepared
  8. Noooooo, HAVE to sell some!!
    Almost ready for an intervention, have to stop buying bikes! :-O
  9. Nice bike, yes much fun even with the std muffler, but mine is red, so it must be faster
  10. nice bike & pic :]