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Spada Workshop Manual

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by journeyman, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. I can see that this topic has been discussed here before, and have posted a followup to the forum but no response yet. Have also emailed the guy on the UK Spada page but no reply there either.

    So can anyone help with pointing me to a Spada Service Manual? A CD would be fine - will obviously pay copying etc etc ... or a link where one might be downloaded from??



  2. If you want a hard copy - try Wheels of Time in Dandenong, Vic. They have an excellent mail order service. It's also easier to take the manual out to the garage to work on the bike, rather than print out from computer only to find you have the wrong page and have to go inside and print another, unless your computer is in the garage that is.
  3. Thanks Nodz - tried Wheels of Time but are unable to help on this one.

    Any other suggestions anyone?

    As an aside - has anyone tried scanning a microfiche using a flatbed scanner? Is the resolution adequate to read the fiche?

  4. My guess would be... no
  5. Yeah, I've got it on CD.

    Too big to download, it about 160pages of PDF.

    Seeing as how another netrider sent me the CD for free, I reckon I could see my way clear to sending you a copy.

    PM me your details and I'll whack it straight into the post...
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  7. all makes yes..but not all models.

    The Spada manual is not in that link.
  8. Thanks for the link Tanya - although as vOOdsy mentioned - no Spada manual listed there. But Pete's saved the day - if anyone else needs a copy let me know and I'll burn them a disk once it arrives.