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Spada: What to look for?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ljiljan, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Been given an offer on a spada, 2 g's. I will be going to have a look and ride of it sometime in the next few weeks (it's at dapto, bit out of the way). Is there anything I should be looking for. Owner says its in good nick, but that's what they all say. Most common thing I've heard is about cam chain/ tensioners, how do I tell if that's bung?

  2. Look at the instruments as well. There is a tendency for the ones brought in as grey imports to be affected by UV if they've lived outside. See if the speedo and tacho needles look faded - what happens is they get brittle and can break off. (Also look closely to see if they have been glued at all).

    Getting replacement instruments is difficult.
  3. Owned one for over a year now and they are great bikes for commuting. THings to look out for would be as follows: (which isn't much different from purchasing any bike)

    1) Speedo - never rely on the kms on the speedo. Most of the imports have been clocked to around 25-30k kms (or back to zero). Just one of those things - you have to look elsewhere on the bike and ride it to make the judgement call of condition. but don't let this put you off necessarily
    2) As with older bikes - steering head bearing and wheel bearings can dramtically affect the bikes handling. Easy to fix and not too expensive but something to consider
    3) Crap tyres - Mine has the Dunlop ArrowMax on them which are a great looking tyre but rubbish. Haven't read one good review about them and my bike suffers from twitchiness which numerous people have put down to the tyres (steering head bearing already replaced so for me it just leaves the wheel bearings, rear swing arm pivot and the tyres)
    4) Brake Discs - again no real biggie as you can pick this up no problem but looking out for ridges/wear and general warp in them.
    5) Carbs - These bikes run the twin VD carbs still used on the modern day VTR250 so you'll have no issues with parts etc for these. Mine needed a good clean out a couple of months ago but again, no major drama - 3hrs work at home and $50 to get Lloyd Penn, Artarmon to balance and tune them (great bloke by the way)
    6) Running temp - on hot days mine will sit at around 2/3rds in traffic but never go any higher. Normal days and autum/winter usually sits around 1/3rd to half temp. Just make sure the fan thermo switch is working. Again easy to source a new one

    OTher than that, cant think of anything. There are more than enough parts out there at scrap yards/bike wreakers. My thoughts are there is a good reason why a bike only made in 1988/89 is still widely used today and people go to the effort of importing them. ITs because they were made well and are solid with good performance for a 250. If you look at the newer VTR250's, there is very little difference apart from the tubular frame even 20 years on !
  4. one more thing - they are generally know to be a little noisy with the cam chain. I have been reassured on a number of occassions its nothing to be concerned about - necessarily. However, just keep an ear out for it, if it starts getting noticeable louder. Cam chain and tensioners can be replaced and far better today this early than too late :) Mine is noticeable on startup but quietens down after a few minutes.
  5. $2k for a good spada is pretty good value. sh!t I'd have one to get to work on at that price. But they are getting long in the tooth and all older 250s have been abused.

    Look for things that are going to cost you in the first 12 months.

    If it's $2K but both tyres need replacing, the brake pad are gone, it needs rego, etc, even without a major problem you are suddenly up to $3K+.

    then you have to ask what else you could get for that money.
  6. but its a honda! :shock: :tantrum:

    cheers mate, was going to have a look at those already. I'm putting my hyo up for sale on sat in exact same condition as you described...

    thanks hynejont
  7. He said he was going to rego it for me before I get it. on a twenty year old bike surely that would include a general check (forget the name)? Not heaps sure on procedure there...
  8. RWC?

    If he said he's going to rego it, hold him to that or bargain a better price for yourself. If the bike checks out fine and you're happy with it, $2,000 is a very good price for your first two wheeler (Considering the number of posts you've made, I'm guessing it's not your first). Maybe put it out there to get someone to come along to help point things out that you may otherwise overlook?

    As a complete noob when I bought mine a few years ago I paid a stupid amount for my Spada. (Yes, you guessed it, I went through Sumoto). Aside from price the bike was fantastic, gave me f'all trouble over the years and when I upgraded I held onto it. I do somewhat regret selling her a couple of months ago, but the new owner is loving it. Occasionally I do still find myself checking adds for Spadas hoping to pick up a dirt cheap one, she was my first love in biking.
  9. Got a hyosung atm. its rego ran out today. if I can get round to it, it will be on sale tomorrow. The guy is a mate of mine, he has no more use for the bike and no idea of its value. He was gonna sell it for 1.5 then I told him 3 is an ok price. He said he'd be happy to sell it to me for 2, rego'ed. Oh and in NSW it's green slip or pink slip or some coloured slip.
  10. CCT generally will sound like a dull ticking or 'clacking' coming from one side of the bike (don't know which on Spadas) that will get more frequent as the revs rise, so you can listen for it with the bike standing still.

    You should be able to find a second hand part, but the install will cost a bit.

    Oh, and greenslip is the CTP you have to get when you rego it, pinkslip is the roadworthy. Blueslip is for unrego'd or interstate transfers etc.