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SPADA/VTR250 oil change

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Drew, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Can anyone tell me what size spanners/socket i am going to need for the sump/filter bolts on my SPADA, Which i assume is the same as a VTR250?


  2. On mine it's a 12mm bolt for the filter.
  3. You should also check the washer that is there for wear as well. I got a new one when I bought oil as I was not sure how old the previous one was. Cheers! :)
  4. i know the oil was changed about 1000Km ago. No idea if the washer was changed.... will get a spare just in case

    oh i wish I had a proper manual for.

    how much oil does it take anyway?? 2.5 litres seems familiar for some reason.
  5. Doubt the Spada would use any more than 3L so 3 1L bottles, or 1 4L bottle should be more than enough. Easiest method (assuming the oil level's right now) is just to roughly measure the amount of oil you drain out and put slightly less back in (then top up to the right level). Old oil containers or even those 3L fruit juice bottles are good for this, though obviously you'll need to drain it into something bigger.
  6. i've got the remainder of the last bottle that went in... i think its a about 4 liters and half full.

    how often are you meant to do the oil anyway??

    Any luck with that bike in Bendigo?
  7. Owners manual will usually give a recommendation on how often to change the oil. It is however going to depend a lot on how you use the bike, lots of short runs from cold without warming the engine fully is going to require more frequent oil changes than an engine that's only used for long distances. Choice of oil can make a difference too. Really though the more often you change the oil and filter the longer the engine will last.
    I'm going to pass on the bike in Bendigo, 10 grand is a stupid amount of money for a 20 year old bike especially since it's never been started. Be fine if I wanted a museum piece but I want something to ride so I'd still have to spend even more money getting it on the road.
  8. According to the owners manual:

    2.0L after draining and filter change
    2.5L after disassembly

    ... and in the maintenance schedule it says oil should be replaced every 12,000 k's or 12 months, I use it to commute almost every day so I would probably change it every 5-6 but that's just me :)
  9. great so i don't really need to do it yet then. :grin: seems kinda pointless if it was only done 1000Km ago.

    i don't have a manual though so thanks for this info
  10. I have a PDF of a spada workshop manual if you need it