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spada vs zzr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jack_17, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. hello people i am a new member and very much a noob :!i hav recently got my L's and have around $3300, i hav don sum research and am deciding on honda spada or zzr250. does ne one hav advice, pros n cons on these bikes??

  2. one has fairings the other doesnt. thats essentially the difference youre looking at if youre totally new to the game.
    if you're looking at the real differences then the spada is a vtwin and the zzr is a parallel twin. both are water cooled. the spada has less (read no) wind protection and the zzr has a full fairing. the spada was produced for only one year in 1989 i believe but the zzr is still being produced. the only reason it was cancelled is because the technology it used was too expensive for the market (cast aluminium frame).

    with a budget of 3300 id be leaning towards a spada because although they are old you can pick up a very low km example at half the price of a zzr with the same number of kms. the spada also doesnt have fairings which are easily broken in an off and are another expensive part to repair. if you are doing alot of freeway riding however, you may want the fairings for wind and some rain protection. a small screen can be fitted to the spada to deflect wind off your chest but your legs and head will still be exposed.
  3. Yeah, jack, Spadas are very popular with L and P riders, and everyone on this forum whose got one would need a surgical procedure to be parted from it.
    One other thing, for us old guys, you can type in normal language here, SMS is just a tad difficult, please?????
  4. yes pete i knew about the wind factor, doesnt bother me much as i use to ride trail bikes, yeah what about performance, maintenance, reliability etc?

    nice and clear paul?
  5. You are a true gentleman, jack! Seriously, find Pete The Freak and Flashfire, and PM them for some specific stuff about Spadas, they are the Netrider encyclopaedias on that subject (among others)
    And, if you're worried about wind, which is more of a factor on roadies than trail bikes, you can always get a small handle-bar screen, just to get the blast off your chest.
    AND, are you sending any decent weather over our way in the next few days, we're FREEZING over here?!!
  6. I have a Spada, they are very reliable and VERY cheap to service/fix as parts are widely available.

    However, I am very tall and find the Spada quite cramped. For this reason, and this reason alone, I would have gone for a ZZR instead.

    I believe that the Spada is faster, but not by much and only in the hands of a good rider. Most 250's are much of a muchness.

    Go for the Spada, it's a Honda.

    I haven't been riding for a long time, and I'm no mechanic, so these are just my views/opinions. Hope they help.
  7. Well for the flip-side of the coin, the ZZR is also a very reliable bike, and the engine it shares with the GPX is well-known for it's endurance with minimal work. Reguarly oil changes keep em going like clockwork.

    Top speed on both bikes is similiar - but the Spada is obviously somewhat limited being a naked... increased wind resistance. Which is something to bear in mind - road bikes differ from trailees in that you more often find yourself doing 100km/h in a straight line for extended periods. :p But you'll find that out on test-rides.
  8. yah ok about the trailbike i use to go on the roads up in the hills and give it a good flogging around 100kmph with top speed of 130kmph im not sure i will be going too far past 130 on a spada though and the handle bar screen sounds good too, wer would i get such a device?
  9. TA for info was vey helpful thanks
  10. i own a 1997 zzr250, has a few km's on it and really is due for a service but is running very strong. great fun to ride, though not bullet fast (compared to a cbr250rr for example) but mehhh, it drags traffic at the lights and stays in front with ease and that's all i'm looking for.

    good wind and rain protection, good looks, easy to ride. i figured it was the most affordable decent looking sports bike available. comfortable riding position too.

    one word of warning though - the zzr cannot be fitted with oggy knobs, not without a lot of modification anyway. the first thing i was planning on doing after buying the bike was fitting some to protect the fairings, i wasn't impressed when i found out there were none on offer. :?
  11. i have sat on a 02 zzr250 and found it comfy aswell but i think with a $3300 budget (from research) its out of the question for any decent zzr. what did u pay fo urs?
  12. i paid 3300 for mine with new tyres, vgc sprockets and chain, and a months rego, its paint is A1 also which is very nice. it is due for a service but when buying second hand you'd get it serviced anyway to be on the safe side.

    3300 is ok for a zzr, you just need to be the early bird that gets the worm whenever the trading post comes out on a thursday, and keep your eye on forums/sites that sell bikes.

    i went down and paid the deposit on my bike at 9am on a sunday morning, 5 minutes after i left another guy rocked up with cash ready to buy it. :twisted: first in best dressed!

  13. what a bargain eh! was it lowered(if is wat does it cost?) or is that the write height? the one i went on could just reach toes :?
  14. just to let you know you can find good examples of zzr250 for around 3-3500 mark as mine was 3500 with 33,000 on the clock with only a slight crack in the flairing.

    As for the spada i looked at them but found them bit cramped for my size, but apart from that looked to be a good bike, personally i don't think you can go wrong with either, just depends which you find more comfy , good luck with your search
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  16. The spada is a naked bike which is great for summer around the city.

    The ZZR is a fully faired bike which is great for winter, and helps reduce fatigue when travelling at highway speeds on longer trips.

    The spada has somewhat better acelleration, but the ultimate top speed of the ZZR is actually higher. In practice the better rider on either bike will be faster.

    Buy whatever one makes you go "ooooeeerrrr that's nice" and you'll be happy :)