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spada vs vtr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wernicke, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. I'm looking into purchasing a spada or VTR. leaning towards the spada because i'm planning not to keep it for to long once restrictions are over. One i have in mind has 52 000 on the clock and for 3grand. Budget isn't a huge issue at the moment but i don't want to spend to big on a first ride. Is that a rediculous amount of km's, i know its probablly highish but someone else's opinion would be grand. thanks


  2. It is a lot of Kms for a bike, but Spada's are all going to have around that many due to their age. I would look for other things with the bike - if it has RWC and has been well maintained. If you can afford the VTR, that may be a safer investment, which you should regain most of the value of the bike when you go onto your Ps :?
  3. 52,000 clicks for a bike of that age is nothing at all, if i was to keep my gs500f for another year i would garentee that it would have at least 52,000 on it and its a 05, when you concider the amount of time (most) people spend riding it doesnt take long for the k's to add up my bike was back in the shop 6 days after purchase for the 1000km service which was 3 days after i got my L's,

    i am soon to be looking for my next bike as i'm am off my restictions on the 9th of feb and i will not hestitate buying a bike with 50,000+ on the clock if it has been looked after serviced as recommended and well maintained.

    a average sunday ride is 500 - 600 k's plus commuting it all adds up if it was able to be done with perfect riding conditions every weekend no rain or hail (some wont be put off by any of this) 26,000 is very achievable just taking the bike out one day a week for a 500km round trip

    if in doubt ask some one to check the bike out for you people on here are usually happy to help out, thats the great thing about these forums there is always someone close by willing to end a hand, after all that is part of the reason we are all here.
  4. mate, i would be somewhat assured by a spada that had 52k kms on it. if it had 15000 kms on it, i would be pretty suspecious that it would have been clocked over. if you can afford the extra 1000 bucks, get the vtr, they are a friggin awesome bike, and they are not grey imports. but really they are much of a muchness. the spada is just a 20 year old version of the vtr with an alluminium frame, and a few other small technical variations. anyhoo best of luck with it

  5. Not all Spadas are grey imports, btw.

    That specific bike (at least, the one with those particulars on Bikesales) apparently doesn't come with a RWC... I'd be inclined to steer clear of it unless you can get a mechanic's report before buying.

    But apart from that, the Honda motors are great, and if it's been well looked after that many ks should be totally fine. I have a Spada and am loving it.
  6. I bought my Spada in May last year for $3,500 with about 21,000 on the clock.

    Yes it's a grey import, but it was in excellent condition and I absolutely love it. I'm planning on keeping it even when I finally upgrage to a 600 for my wife to learn on.

    You should definately be able to pick up something with less k's if you keep looking and as has alreay been mentioned the VTR's basically a newer Spada with adifferent frame. As far as i'm aware it's exactly the same engine.


  7. Almost exactly the same engine, I think, except that the VTR has a 5 speed gearbox and the Spada has 6 gears.
  8. How come I never see any of these bikes road worthy going for these prices. All the 250's I see are either 4.5 to 7 grand. I'm looking in the Just Bikes magazine, trading post and the Motorcycle trader
  9. So it would seem, there aren't many out there :( I'm in the same kind of fix, I'm looking for a ~$3,000 road worthy Spada or similar.

    I believe there are some out there... just have to keep looking :LOL:
  10. Is there any reason you are not looking online? Websites such as bikesales.com.au, bikepoint.com.au and autotrader.com.au.
  11. VTR... thats what i went for... but they're about a grand more than a Spada... Newer bike but they're essentially the same engine. I seem to see more Spada's around though :?
  12. The ride position is a bit different between them.

    VTR more upright. Spada with clip on bars.
    If you are 6' or more the spada might be too small for you.
  13. if you want to get technical the spada makes 36ps and revs out to over 14 grand, while the vtr makes 32ps and revs out at 11.5 grand. the vtr has weaker valve springs and i think a slightly lower compression ratio wich supposedly improves longevity. the spada also had slightly bigger carbs im pretty sure too. the vtr has a 5 speed assupose to the 6 speed box on the spada, something wich shits me to no end whenever im doing more that 80 kays an hour. the spada also has slightly smaller front forks.

    sorry to be a pharken know it all and im waiting to be corrected on alot of that shit.
    anyhoo, likes been said, these motors last very well if they have been looked after. i spoke to the mechanic at honda (no not the sales rep) and he told me it wasnt unusual to get well over 120k kms off the little v twin engine. maybe something else to consider is availabilty of parts, i dunno how many spares honda keeps for the spada in aus, and factory back orders generally take 4 or 5 weeks.
  14. I can concur with that point. Once you go over 80kms you are starting to really move up into the higher rev range (for a twin at least). I really dont know why they didnt include a 6th cog on the box. Would have made it a lot more fuel efficient thats for sure.
  15. Yeah, a 6th gear would have been lovely, but fuel efficiency isn't really a concern. With 100km out of the tank on repeated 5km inner city commutes, I went up and down the spur a couple of times last night then back to work this morning. 310km on the tank and haven't had to switch to reserve yet (must be DAMN imminent though!). Not bad for a 13L tank.

    I went through the same dilemna a year ago when I bought my VTR. If budget is not a huge concern, then look at it as a down-payment on your upgrade bike, that's what I did. if you buy one for 5k, you can probably sell it for pretty close to 4.5k a year later if you look after it. $500 to rent a great fun 250 for a year? Sounds good to me! ;)

    Hope that helps, and all the best in getting what you're after!
  16. I have a Spada and love it. Im +6ft and i find the bike a little small, but easily ridable and definately not uncomfortable.
    You have to expect high Km from a 16 year old bike, and if you see ones with around 20,000Km on the clock theres a good chance they have been altered. 50,000Km over 16 years is only about 3100km a year which is nothing.
    I would steer clear of buying an unregistered bike, as there could be a reason why the seller doesnt just register it as it would be much easier to sell registered.
    Just make sure it is running in good condition and if your unsure, get someone who knows a bit to look over it, check all the fluids are up to the right levels etc.
    With the VTR i have never ridden, but i would expect a similar bike thats quite useable for learners.
    And at the end of the day the 250cc market is a sellers market due to people needing them while on restrictions so selling a bike in 18 months shouldnt be a problem with minimal depreciation.