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Spada TURBO... Yes, thats right...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by nice2Bnaked, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Oh my freakin gawd, check this out...
    And for those that scoff at me, I am on restrictions until 2011, so this may be a good project for me...

    It appears that this is a stock spud, with the turbo and zorst bolted on. Im sure a phenomenal amount of engine reinforcement had to be done too....



  2. ..

    what type of turbo do they use for such a small capacity engine?
  3. custom made from metalspeed in japan. Not sure as I know nothing about turbo's... Y E T .
  4. Why is that? Are you 17?

    That SPADA has been violated!!! :twisted:
  5. [​IMG]

    Thats why. Lets just say that I got lety of easy.
  6. tiny turbo maybe a mitsu td02 or a the smallest garrett a gt12?

    who knows.. :roll:
  7. nice2Bnaked thats harsh lol I feel for you!
  8. Thanks for the sympathy, but the way I was goiung, if i was still riding i'd probably be dead.

    u look oh so angry at yourself *cough* :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I've looked at those metalspeed kits before - if I remember right I think it was going to cost something like $5,000 just for the kit :shock:. If you want power, and are restricted to 250cc, just buy a 2-stroke.
  11. LMAO are they actually ALL yours?!

  12. Correct ! . . . Or it maybe those small turbos you find in japanese "Kei" cars.
  13. Aren't the restrictions based on power to weight as well as capacity? Or is that just here in Canberra? :?
  14. I've found the perfect turbo for it!

  15. OOOooooooo.... raver dots!!! :p
  16. Pretty much every state and territory in Australia bar Victoria has "LAMS", where you can have up to 660cc provided it's below 150kW/tonne assuming a 75kg rider.

    Here in Victoria it's displacement only. 250cc or less, with no mention of 4 stroke vs 2 stroke or any level of modification.

    So in theory you could do something stupid like supercharge a two-stroke NSR250 and still be 100% "learner legal". But heaven help you if you get a lazy KLR650 dualsport or Deuville touring bike!
  17. Yes. I was a baad widdle boy. I have changed (I hope) and we'll find out how much having no liscence for two and a half years has changed my outlook on being reckless... Maybe. :twisted:
  18. do it
    do it
    do it
  19. and you will have a nice surprice come the melbourne motorcycle expo when they announce the introduction of lams, for the begging of next year, or somewhere there abouts

    say goodbye to you 2 stroke 250's L and P plate holders in vic, for all those times, its being rubbed in our face we couldn't ride them :LOL: