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Spada too old?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Loved my Spada when I got back into riding 5 years ago, and (still) looking for something for the Mrs. Given that cash is in short supply, things that are arguably more ideal like the CB400 and VTR are out of reach for the moment.

    Spadas were 17 years old when I had mine, and it was awesome and ran flawlessly, but now they're 22.

    There's a nice one for $2200 that I'm very tempted to pick up for her: it would be perfect in terms of height and her other requirements.

    Thoughts on whether it would be better to wait another 6 - 9 months and save twice that for a decent VTR, or whether it's worth making a start on a Spada?

    Main concern is that it not die on her.
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  2. I got my Spada back in Sept 2006. I still have it. I thought about upgrading so many times but I do not have enough money. My Spada had a few problems over the years but for the most part, it has been great. I need to ride a lot more to justify a newer bike.

    Speak to the local bike mechanics and ask if they can find spare parts easily. I was lucky to get a Fuel tank 2 years ago. Back in 2006, Spadas were a good bike to buy. VTR250s were highly priced. Now???? I can not answer your question.
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  3. No worries, and thanks for your thoughts. 53 mofos read the OP and didn't post before you posted... you deserve a reward of some kind!
  4. I have no personal experience with the Spada except for the fact that I recommended it highly when I worked near Caringbah Motorcycle Centre and Steve (?) was an importer. He sold quite a few to Netriders and they all went well, as far as I know.

    As with any bike, I guess, how it's been treated and serviced is more important than age and price.....
  5. I typed a long and detailed answer, then the site crashed and I lost it.

    In short, it was, if the bike in question is in good nick and everything works as it should, buy it and then spend the money/time to do a thorough service, replace the battery, replace the HT leads, replace all fuel and vacuum lines and split every electrical connector, clean and reassemble. That's 'cos most unscheduled stoppages are down to trivial, replaceable items and/or dirt and corrosion in the electrics.

    Then I had to go and lie down when I realised I'd just advised someone to buy a Honda :D.
  6. Bravus, a mate here in Wollongong has just put a 39,000km Spada up for sale, $2,000 if you're interested I can get you in contact with him :
  7. My friend here in Wollongong has okayed me posting up the details and pictures of his Spada which is for sale.

    Guys & Gals,

    My brother is upgrading to a new bike and thus the little Spada has to go.

    It's a 1990 Model with 39000k's on it.

    We purchased it after it had been lightly dropped and fitted a replacement right footpeg bracket and a few other bits n pieces.

    The speedo stopped working a couple of weeks ago so I've fitted a replacement. The original will be supplied to prove the authentic mileage on the bike.

    It has a new front tyre, new rear brake pads, fork oil changed and 11 months rego on it.

    It could use a new rear tyre, but I know a guy that might be able to help you out with that.

    It is a bit rattly but reliable and a very easy first bike to ride.

    $2000 neg



  8. Someone thought Spadas were good enough to steal when some prick stole my daughters one a few years back.

    They are one of the best 250's ever built. If you can get the bits then go for it. The only problem is the instruments - the needles on gray imports are sensitive to UV light and eventually break. they can however be fixed.

    Honda stopped making them in favour of the VTR because the cost was the same as the 600 and they weren't profitable. They were replaced by the VTR (which only had the 5 speed box and did'nt have that lovely box section alloy frame).

    If it's in good nick, then go for it.