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spada stunters video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by spada stunter, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. here she is, if it doesnt work its cause its still uploading but its on there.

    go to www.youtube.com and search for
    spadastunter "no spaces" then go to my video section...enjoy its only 10mb so it goes for like 3 or so mins
  2. It's not going to work until the video is fully uploaded.
    Didnt work for me
  3. how do i post pics matt
  4. You cant post pics on this site (Gay I know)
    So how big is this video?? What's the file size dude? If it's straight off a DV cam and in AVI it may be freaking huge.
  5. Well I found Spadastunter on Youtube dude, but the vid isn't there yet...

    Will keep checking...
  6. no vids yet mr steele (man, what a cool last name :shock: thats almost as cool as 'powers' :cool: )
  7. Yah, Pete Steele is the name of the lead singer of American black metal band "Type O Negative".
    He's about 7"6 and I doubt he'd even fit on a Spada...
  8. So no video still ehh......
  9. The video worked for me
  10. ok i guess... but i'm afraid i fail to see the point in the whole thing.... maybe i'm just to out of touch or something.

    Nice SPADA though
  11. That was a P plate on the Spada right???

    Not bad for Spada.
  12. It feels good to stunt (for some people). Some people get fun from 'simply' riding a bike. Same as some people find no fun riding motorbikes (what fools! hehehe)

    It's all about the enjoyment (or the cool factor which ultimately leads to the persons fun anyway) :)
  13. well if it revs your engine go do it!

    horses for courses
  14. Mate not my cup of tea, but good onya for givin it go! :cool:
  15. Yea, definatly good on ya for having a go.

    But agreed, not something that i'm into either. :)
  16. Well I'll give it ya Spada, you got the vid up and the stoppies are looking good. Not 50 foot but your getting close to 30 or so which is still damn good for a spada. :wink:
    Now rather then increasing your speed to much, work on rolling it a bit higher and look forward when you do this. What side of town do you practice on?