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spada stunters video works now

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by spada stunter, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. so um, your friend has an american acent...
  2. I cannot bother with downloading so can someone please ba a critical on this feature?
  3. 50 footers ay....hmm
  4. Nice little video. Good effort.
  5. just lernt a new trick be fore, it where you turn around on the tank and face backwards, i think its called a reverse high chair
  6. nah its called a switch back soz yeah thats what i just lernt..

    standing on the pillon pegs then dropping the clutch is pretty scary,ey, wont be trying that for a while
  7. what do you rate my video

    hey if any 1 has allready watched my vid can u plz rate it out of 10
  8. Yeah i would be buying real estate from you with measurements like that :) but pretty cool none the less.
  9. hornets are good bikes
  10. one way to destroy a bike...
  11. Generally 10-20' stoppies @ 50-60kph. Best one in there looked like it'd be close to 25' done at 70kph, but still shy of it, going by the rough measurement that 1 bike length is 6'.

    He's trying, and that's a good thing. The only problem being the pre-hype, which kinda ruined an otherwise decent stoppie stunt video.
  12. keep at it man. 60kph on approach is plenty. you need to get higher more quickly, before you lose all your speed. throw your weight forward more, keep your head up and look forward. you can try to experiment with slighter lower air pressure in the front as well. it will give your tyre a longer footprint.

    edited for spelling
  13. Re: what do you rate my video

    considering the equipment U got, I rate ya man
    there r people riding yrs & yrs who cant do it :wink:

    7 out of 10
  14. I quit smoking today and you want me to sit through that rubbish? :shock: fcuk, what a yawn. It's cool and all but how many times do you think we should watch you do a stoppie? :roll:
  15. Was a bit much :LOL:

    Still a good effort nevertheless
  16. Got a few laughs out of me