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Spada Stunter Video- part 2

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ZXRpilot, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HNTRQYMY
    That link should work, just close the pop up box and hit dload.
    The video is 10mb

  2. Sorry. After clicking on the link and being asked to "click to continue" :roll: it says wait 30 something seconds, and say "downlod" fcuking nowhere. It's late, I'm tired and a little drunk, so there's no way I could be bothered waiting when I could be complaining instead. :cool:
  3. Haha, all you have to do is wait, than get your ticket to download.
    Bit of a **** that site, but its free and easy enough to use when you get the hang of it
  4. let me tell ya, this is a good video, well worth the wait. m8 you will remember this 1 for years to come
  5. That is hilarious! Good work :)
  6. Don't waste your time people.....not worth the bandwidth let alone the time.
  7. Sorry but that vid sucks :evil:
  8. Hey Spada Stunter,

    Appreciate the effort you have gone to, looks like some practice has gone into those stunts BUT taking your helmet off during a stunt on an open road, pretty stupid!!!

    Also if you think this is one that people will remember for years, maybe you need to get out more!
  9. too hard - who can be fcuked working out that site?
  10. I cant download from megaupload,

    upload it on uploading.com
  11. haha, funny video man.
    Good work. Keep practicing :grin:
  12. i don't think there's anything you could be proud about when you are taking your helmet off while riding.

    That is just plain stupidity and I don't agree with that.
  13. Your video cracked me up.. :LOL:

    U krazy MF :cool: :p

    Keep it up. Keep practising.. By the time U get a bigger bike
    you'll be a gun!

    Theres a few pretty good stunters here as well.. :)
  14. Can someone email/host it somewhere else for me?
  15. What error U getting when you click the link?

    Its 10.3mb.. too big to email I'd say
  16. I cant download anything from megaupload, it says my download limit is exceeded, it's been saying that for months.
  17. you need faster net then.yer i wanna stunt the 675, or the new ern6 they sound sic
  18. ditto

    megaupload bites
  19. u just have ashite coputer
  20. Nice balance but wasn't there some talk of monos etc?

    Ps. next time don't go "arthouse". If you have to have a semi naked person in your vids then it might be more appealing to a mostly male audience to have a female. Preferably reasonably attractive, in fact mostly naked works well then. :grin:

    It might also look better if you wore a jacket, gloves etc too. Most people around here don't really go for the squid look but hey! each to their own.

    Remember if you make a vid, people will critique it.