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SPADA - Strange noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by gaudian, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum.
    Bought an Honda Spada and been riding for 3 days so far. Unfortunately bought it from Sumoto, based on the posting it seems that wasn't a good choice.
    Anyway I was riding the bike today and in 2 opportunities, the engine made a strange noise while in low revs & low speed. Then it continued without problems.
    Should I change oil and filters? Battery? I've received the bike and I'm riding it as it came. Where I can buy 4-stroke oil?

    Thanks for any tips you might have, I live in Hornsby NSW

  2. sumoto! er, they're in melbourne, right?

    is there not a 3 mth warranty when you buy from a dealer? take it back!

    can you describe in more detail what this strange sound sounds like? is it a knocking sound?
  3. twainhart thanks for your reply.

    Yes Sumoto provides a 6 months warranty, so if this is abnormal I'll send it back.
    My gut feeling is that is something related to the spark plugs, the sound is like a kind of fireworks, or maybe chain friction.
    The strange part is that it made it only a couple of times but then the bike continued running smoothly.

  4. cam chain
  5. Joel,

    What that means? Something on the cam chain might be broken?

  6. not sure about the fireworks? take the spark plugs out and clean 'em.

    how many km's on the bike?

    if it's like a knocking sound, as joelridescbr suggests, it may be the cam chain that needs replacing...
  7. it could be the cam chain, but it also could be a stiffened link in the drive chain (the one that makes your wheel go 'round), and you only hear it whilst the motor is quiet and you cant hear road noise.

    we could speculate on this forever, i suggest you take it to sumoto make the sound you heard and tell them you want it fixed or money back.
    it would be unusual for your plugs to make noise.

    if your cam chain is worn it will slap around and be noisy. when it fails, your bike will die and need to be pulled pretty much all the way down to be repaired. so just take it back and make your concerns heard.
  8. Guys,

    Thanks a lot for your time & knowledge sharing.
    I've just went out for a short, hilly ride, and this time no noise was heard.
    Anyway I'll communicate this to Sumoto.

    Thanks again & see you around

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  10. are you sure your revving the motor enough i know when i first started riding i tried to accelerate when revs were too low and got a knocking noise but maybe try cruising at 50% of redline which usually is ok.

    maybe someone with a spada can also suggest.
  11. got a Spada but no where near the experience to help out..... mine runs rather quiet though... not much noise at all.
  12. Hi,
    First thing I'll do is an oil & filter change, including spark plugs and check the cam chain tensioner state.
    It doesn't seem to be very serious anyway.
    Anybody has a tip on where to buy oil filters for the spada around sydney?

  13. If you want to avoid going to dealerships in order to save a few dollars try MCAS. They have a few stores around the place and would (most likely) have oil filters for the Spada, doesn't hurt to give them a call to check ahead.