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Spada: Starter motor ticks over. Stuck?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Osiris, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Bike: Honda Spada/VT 250

    I got back from under 2 weeks holidays. Kept the bike in the garage. Went to start the bike but it wont. First attempt sounded like it almost started in the first half second then reverted to just the sound of the start motor. Now it's just the sound of the starter motor.

    I've got fuel.
    There is fuel in the fuel filter leading to the carburettor.
    None of the fuses are blown (10As or the 30A).

    There is also something weird. I can move the bike easily in neutral but in gear with the clutch in it's very difficult to push. As a stab in the dark, it feels like the starter motor is still connected and causing resistance. This may be the primary problem or something that happened after multiple attempts at starting.

    Any ideas?
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  3. It's a flat battery
  4. Thanks for your suggestions cjvfr! I couldn't get it loose from rocking or hitting it so sent it in for repairs as it's beyond my skills/toolset.
  5. Clutch plates stick together by a vacuum effect after cooling. Possible?
    Buy a trickle charger in case that flat happens gain.
  6. I garuntee its the battery.

    *not a garuntee
  7. Smee and slick are probably right. These type of issues are generally electrical. If the bike is in gear it will be harder to push against the compression of the engine. You may be worrying that it is mechanical unnecessarily.

    A flat battery will not spin the starter motor up fast enough to engage the gear. before you go to far charge the battery and see if that helps.
  8. Said he had the clutch in.
  9. I've sent it in already because I'm 99% sure it's mechanical. But your suggestions prompted something: I leave the bike in gear when parked. Then I usually 'break' the initial compression before starting the bike by rolling it back or forward a little. I don't think I did the first time I tried and that's when the problems started. Maybe it was too hard for the starter motor to overcome. Doh. Just hope the bill isn't too ridiculous.

    After the first attempt, pushing around the bike in gear was much harder than mechanical compression. Once I 'break' the initial mechanical compression, the bike is very easy to push around (can't tell the difference between clutch in and neutral). This time it didn't matter how far I pushed it, I was struggling.

    Well, the battery was well and truely flat by the time I finished attempting to start it!
  10. Ok Osiris, glad you are mobile again. Your battery may be getting a bit tired anyway if it can't crank unless you turn the motor over first mechanically. Post up what your mechanic finds, always interesting to see the solution of a problem. Cheers
  11. I don't get it, you said this:

    YET you said this in your initial post:

    You left the bike unridden for 2 weeks, who knows how old your battery is, and the symptoms you describe are pure flat battery or sick battery for sure,
    So did you flatten it after attempting to start it for a while or did it die after the attempts you said in the first post.
  12. Hey Osiris, did you have any progress with this? Am interested, am having similar issues...
  13. For some reason whenever someone describes a bike that is having trouble starting they always give a confusing description.

    Can you tell us exactly what yours is doing?
  14. the answer is always flat battery though.
  15. A blonde goes to the mechanic because she is having trouble starting her bike.

    The mechanic says, "Crap in the carbie."
    The blonde replies, "How often do I have to do that."
  16. Hey, I had to get the mechanic to pick it up. The engine had partially seized (still don't know why) so they filled one of the pistons with some starter fluid and that did the trick. Unfortunately the side effect is that compression levels are now down about 30%. It would cost more than the value of the bike to rebuild the engine so I'm just easing it through to later this month when I get off my P's.

    So no, it wasn't a dead battery until I tried to start it for the 20th time.
  17. Can you post a photo of the bike showing your rego plate?
  18. when bike engines are cold it is hard to push a bike that's in gear, even with the clutch in. This is due to cold engine/gearbox oil being thick and creating resistance.
  19. Osiris - what are you doing with your Spada afterwards then ? LEt me know if your going to scrap it as I may take it off your hands for spares (price pending of course)