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Spada seat has holes. Rainwater makes pants soggy. Fix?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jekyll, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    my Spada's vynil seat upholstery has a few smallish (~1cm) holes in it, along the rear sides of the main perch. They seem to be gradually getting larger and increasing in number.

    I pushed down on one of them, and felt (was bled by) a sharp, unseen bit of metal under the padding - which I suppose had something to do with the hole being there in the first place.

    Moreover, the seat acts as a sponge, retains rainwater, and releases it into my pants as dodgy looking patches of water for the next week. It's suboptimal.

    What's the best / cheapest way to make it serviceable? I tried gaffer tape but it slides off after a while and leaves adhesive behind.

    do i ...
    get a vynil repair kit, or some glue and vinyl offcuts?
    have a mobile upholsterer fix it?
    look for a seat at a wrecker?

    Anyone got a serviceable Spada seat they want to sell?

  2. to to clack rubber get some vynil and a staple gun re upholster it urself it easy
  3. sounds like you were attacked by an upholstory staple....

    Should be able to get it done of around $100, or diy for about $25 (get some UV-proof vinyl from spotlight)
  4. Look for guys who do car detailing and/or vinyl repairs. If the seat foam is intact (there should not be any metal sticking up or through!) a simple vinyl repair could save you $$$


    Trevor G
  5. thanks guys,

    i bought some vinyl from spotlight and some waterproof glue, and patched the seat with a few circular offcuts to keep the water out of my ass until I get around to reupholstering the seat properly - which might not happen for years, realistically ..

    it looks a bit ugly, but it's all part of my theft prevention program.

    When i do reupholster, i think i'll need to replace the foam (it's 17 years old, after all) so that's probably a job slightly bigger than i have time for any time soon.

  6. Sometimes I wanted to replace my 17 y/o, but now he's 18 it's not so bad.

    "Post subject: Spada seat has holes. Rainwater makes pants soggy."

    Are you sure it's the rain and not all the power?


    Trevor G
  7. Spada seat has holes. Rainwater makes pants soggy. Fix?

    Easy. Stop wearing pants.
  8. Today I repaired the seat on my Across.....it took about 1 hour to do it.

    Just find your local auto trimmer / marine trimmer and go ask them for some stuff to trim your seat. I got about a metre for $8.

    Go to Bunnings and buy a staple gun (the Arrow is a good one, 6mm staples will work but get the ones that are smaller gauge don't make them too thick).....

    Depending on the shape of your seat....if it is like most seats with a dip...you want to staple to the two furtherst ends longitudinally.....so the front and back of the seat....stretch the material as tight as you can and don't be afraid it wont conform to the rest of the seat - YOU CAN NEVER MAKE IT TOO TIGHT....

    Its really hard to explain without pictures...but just continue to stretch a part to where you want it and staple down...the key is doing a little bit of the seat at a time and then restretching it...

    Final result is a new seat (looks out of place its so new)
  9. Send it to me, $70 plus return freight. Any small defects in the foam can be dealt with.
    I only use marine vinyl and UV stabilised Polyester stitching (not poly/cotton like all other trimmers). My shit lasts!

    Balius and early CBR 600 seat
    HEavily modified XJR 1300 seat.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Not bad at all! Actually they look good. ;-)

    Can you do a wheelie bin with rearsets as well as the sports seat?


    Trevor G

    PS Is this a home-based, after-hours hobby-style enterprise?
  11. Well, as far as the ATO is concerned, yes!
    No seriously, it's something I just do on teh side for some toy money, maybe do one seat a week. I do it more because I enjoy it, once you factor in materials etc, I am, lucky to make $30/hr gross out of it.
    Just thought I'd throw it out to a wider audience and see what comes of it.

    Regards, Andrew.