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Spada Rubber

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by journeyman, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Need to think about replacing the back tyre on my Spada - front seems fine. Is currently wearing Dunlop Arrowmax 501GT's - are these still the go or should I consider something else instead? (in which case I'd probably do both ends)


  2. They're the ones I used, never had any problems, and they are a pretty good price as well.
  3. Getting my Spada back tomorrow with a new rear tyre. I requested the arrowmax, as the previous on gave me a milage of about 16,000 km. Their bulletproof!!! :wink:
  4. The Arrowmax sticky enough for you vOOdsy?
  5. Well. i haven't fallen off going around a corner. :D Done 140km/h corners too without any problems.

    I've never felt the rear slip/slide ever with the arrowmax.
  6. Anyone tried the new Michelin Pilot Activs yet? Was talking to Jason at Bob Jane about some new tyres for the Spada and he recommended them highly - reckoned they were the ducks guts and a much better tyre than the Arrowmax for only about $20/pair more (with our Netrider discount - thanks Netrider & BJ :) ). But Michelin's own brochure only scores them as 3/5 for wet grip and comfort, and 4/5 for dry and handling, so some 1st hand experience would be good.