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Spada reserve line troubles

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Brij, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. I think I may have a problem with the reserve line on my new spada. Ran it too low once. He wouldn't start again. Flattened the battery, got it towed, yaddy yaddy. Then stopped off on the way back from the mechanics and it wouldn't start again. Filled him up with petrol, started like a dream. My problem is this. He only took 6 bucks to fill. He's got an 11ltr tank, and I could still feel a bit of fuel sloshing around. At the moment I'm playing it safe and filling him up every 100 km. How many k's should I be getting from an 11ltr tank on a spada? I"m thinking the reserve filter may be blocked. Would you recommend a bottle of wynnes through, or taking off the tank and cleaning out stuff. (I don't know what stuff... I'm learning!) :?: :?:

  2. I suggest you take the fuel tap off and clean it, or have it cleaned.
    Sounds like one of the passages is blocked to me.
    You also may need to switch to prime to get your bike started after running it dry.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Thanks. Erm, silly question, but what's prime :oops: . I've got the full, off and reserve switch.
  4. With a full tank can you switch to reserve and run the bike or does it die?

    When you fill the tank do it to just under the internal brim. If you have the bowser nozzle too far in the tank it will auto cut out. If you fill it to near the top you will be astonished as to how much extra you can actually fit.

    Spada doesn't have a prime option on the tap.

    It's a old bike so the tank will probably have a fair bit of crud in it. Quick job to take off the tank - remove the seat and the securing bolt. Slide the tank backwards and up she pops. You'll need to switch off the fuel and disco the two tubes. The tap has a vacuum connection to one of the carbs. When you disco this there will not be any flow from the tank. I just emptied the fuel out of the top as I was too stupid to work out how to get the tap to work. Helps if the tank is fairly empty at this stage! I got quite a bit of rust out of mine. Maybe a third of a cup which seemed a hell of a lot to me. If you have a fuel filter in place now is a good time to replace it or try blowing backwards to clear any crud.

    Also drain the float bowl on both carbs as you may have got crud in there. I did. This is also very quick and easy. If you look at the carbs you will see a little drain hole out the bottom marked in blue in the pic. This has a screw in the centre of the blue circle. The other carb drain screw is on the other side of the bike. If you open this it drains the carb. Switch off the fuel at the tap first. I used a flexible straw from Maccas to fit over the end of the drain plug (perfect fit!) and a plastic cup so that it didn't drain over the engine. The petrol didn't melt the plastic but don't use polystyrene and don't do it when the bike is hot! After draining I switched the fuel back to on, twisted the throttle a few times and put the bike in 6th and pushed it a little bit to turn over the cylinders and draw in some fuel. She fired up first time.

  5. From my Spada I get 200k's very easily. The most I've gone is 230km or so. Any more than that and you are doing very well. I think that works out to be about 4.8l/ 100kms, or around 23 km/l depending on which way you understand the fuel figures.

    I wouldn't think you could get anywhere near 40-50km/l litre on a spada. That would mean being able to ride 400km's before filling up, which is not going to happen. Sorry bugs :)
  6. Thanks peoples.

    And yes bugs. I realised it was 6 speed. Did my research before I bought it. Hey, Do you know why when they replaced it with the VTR they only put a 5 speed on it? I guess it doesn't make any difference!
  7. Doesn't the 5 speed just have a bigger range between gears? Would it have anything to do with the fact that spadas were grey imports except a small group of them. ie, Jap gearing ratio specs etc.

    I do think the spada is a better made bike though.
  8. Bugs- Might have to agree to disagree on this one! :grin:

    I have never heard of anyone getting much more than what I have said on a spada. I have no idea about any other bikes so I'll just take your word for it.
    This might help also:

    I think the most in there is 300?? I'm pretty sure I couldn't get that without getting off and pushing it half the time. :shock: Also not going to happen. :grin:
  9. ....Right....

    did you read any of the other posts except for the OP? He asked the question, and basically all the answers say similar to what I have. As I said I know nothing of any other bikes, so cannot compare, but the spada(and that's the bike we are talking about) gets around 20-25km/l generally. Some get more, but nowhere in that thread does anyone except the OP mention 50km/l.
  10. Cheers for the link. Interesting reading.
  11. ##Brij- sorry to have hijacked the thread hope I was some help!!##

    Well, I have to say that it is time to let it go!! Go back, read that thread again, use that search function, whatever you need to do to accept it.

    Perhaps this will help:

    Aussiebike Spada page

    Says the same thing as I have under fuel consumption. The fact that you rode another bike that had better fuel consumption is irrelevant. We are talking about the spada and that is pretty much what it gets. Yes some people get better figures than mine, they will not get 40-50km/l out of a spada. Perhaps it should get better consumption, fact is it doesn't.

    Accept it. :)
  12. ok this has gone around in circles long enough :roll:

    nothing more to see here, move along :LOL:

    into the vault you go :p
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