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Spada refusing to start after major service?!?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kb1200, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. So I took my Spada in for a major service on last Thursday and the bike is not starting any more. Bike was thoroughly checked, got new spark plugs even. Here are series of events if anyone can help figure it out:

    Bike was running perfect, starting first press, looked like a really good job was done. I rode on Thursday and Friday, little bit on Saturday and not at all on Sunday. This morning I get up to go to Uni, bike starts but idles and dies. Re hit the starter and bike is running and idling fine, no problem. Get to Uni, go to class. Come back bike not starting. Called up the motorcycle shop but the main repairer is away until tomorrow. I was told to adjust the choke, which I did previously, check the electrics (everything was fine, lights were all on) check the fuses, etc but nothing appeared to be wrong.

    Anyone know what I can do for the time being? I'm not comfortable with leaving the bike in an open parking lot over night, I can't afford to call a truck, don't have road side assist, and this is my first proper bike so I am not mechanically minded enough to even know where to start to try and get it going. Any advice? Thanks guys.
  2. I know it sounds silly, but we've all done it, check the kill switch
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  3. Yeah I probably should have done that before I left but I never even use the kill switch so I have no idea why it would be in. Any other suggestions? I can tram it up there once I have a long list of things I can do before I leave it over night.
  4. Can you push start it?

    another silly question... got fuel?
  5. what happens when you push the starter?
    does it spin?
    does it turn the engine over?
    does the engine pop at all while it is turning over?
  6. Empty One is coming out to give me a hand, so I will let you guys know what the problem is. When I push the starter it sounds fine but the engine just won't start. I have sufficient fuel, checked the fuel tap, checked the fuses.
  7. Open the fuel cap, I have seen Spada's have a clogged Fuel vent which causes vacuum and fuel starvation.
  8. It's possible to bump the kill switch (on the handlebars near the starter, usually) with your glove without noticing.

    At public places like unis, tricksters sometimes also switch them (dicks).

    Hope that's what it is, not anything more expensive - all the best with it either way.
  9. Yeah I opened the fuel tank up (assuming that's what you mean). I am heading up there shortly, first thing I will check is the kill switch.
  10. if the starter is spinning it wouldnt be the kill switch, clutch or sidestand switches, as these will cut the power to the starter in all the examples ive seen
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  11. Side stand switch doesn't cut the power to the starter on my VTR. The others do.
  12. I am an idiot! Empty One was right all along! Someone or myself must have hit the kill switch. I totally even forgot about the existence of the thing before today! Lesson learned big time!
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  13. alot of hondas will crank with the kill switch turned off,dont ya hate that,huge inconvienience.bugger