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Spada question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 2ndclasscitizen, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Went looking at a pair of bikes today (big thanks to Haggismaen for his help!) being a '90 Spada and '89 FZR250. Got both owners down to a bit $2000. The FZR is a bit scruffy cosmetically, but nothing major, but needs (desperately) new tyres and rear brake pad. Engine was fine, just needed the carbs flushed as it'd been sitting for a while.

    The Spada, however, presents an interesting conundrum. All round, bike was fine. Tyres were ok, brakes fine, Haggismaen said it rode quite well. Plus, it was the BEST sounding 250 I've heard. Just awesome. But the engine felt odd to him. He said he felt like it didn't really have any power or kick when accelerating compared to his VTR250. He's gonna post up what he thought it was like, but he said it felt a bit like when his VTR's valve timing was out. But the thing is the guy selling it said he'd been riding it constantly for a while and hadn't noticed change.

    So if anyone can offer an insight into this, that'd be appreciated, like if anyone has ridden both, or has or had a Spada and can shed any light as to if this is could be a problem with the engine. Because if it's not a problem, then that's the bike I'll probably get.

  2. SPADA is a great bike.

    Just get it checked by a mechanic. If the issue has been developing over tim rather that all of a sudden the owner may not have noticed as day to day it won't be different but over a 3 month period there would be a change.....if that makes any sense.

    If you like the SPADA just say that a sale is dependant on YOUR mechanics' report. Take it to Mechanic of yoe choice and await the verdict. Might cost a few $ but you'll know if anything is not right to start with
  3. Well 2nd sounds like youv'e got your mind made up, the spada is a great bike from what i've heard, hopefully it's probably just the sparkys, one might not be firing properly.
    Ask the bloke when the last time he changed them was.
    Anyway goodluck with the bike sale, when i get down there we'll have to organise some sort of group ride :wink:
  4. Would it still rev properly if one of the spark plugs was going/gone? Haggismaen said it was revving smoothly with no flat spots
  5. Drew offers some good advice in regards to taking the Spada to a mechanic before you buy it. At least if the mechanic gives it the OK then you have nothing else major to spend on it as it is sound in other areas.

    Right from the pulling out from the driveway I thought that the Spada felt underpowered. It did not have the same pull and rate of acceleration as my VTR250 (and from what I've come to understand they are meant to be quite similarly powered). Now I haven't ridden a Spada before so maybe they are all like that, that is why I recommended that Mitch asked here to see if we could find someone else who has ridden good examples of both a VTR250 and a Spada and get their opinion.

    The Spada was the better bike between the two, the potential engine issue aside (however it is potentially a major issue). I feel that while the FZR250 had some issues they were all out in the open and they are easy fixes (rear brake pad needed replacing, new tires, new clutch lever and a good chain clean and lube, carbie clean). That isn't to say the Spada didn't need a little work done.

    Without getting a mechanical inspection of either bike (and knowing/riding other Spadas) I would personally choose the FZR250 as it does not have the cloud of the unknown hanging over it (as far as can be told of a non mechanical inspection and a test ride). However that is my point of view.

    Ideally, you could keep looking at other bikes...however this is Canberra so the number of bikes is fairly small. Have you checked out any of the bike shops round the place? Even if they are overpriced most of the time.
  6. Yeah, I know the best thing to do, but will be a right pain, re getting organised and done, plus my complete noob riding staus

    I'm leaning that way as well. As well as for those reasons, but I just got a better feeling from the guy selling the FZR. He seemed pretty knoweledgable about the bike, plus the guy selling the Spada seemed to look a tad worried when you mentioned it might have an issue. I don't know whether that's because he was worried he because it might blow up on him and he won't be able to sell it anymore or because he had been hoping you wouldn't notice. I can't really say, but that's just the impression I got, and I think that impression is important when you're buying.

    Had checked them 2 or 3 months ago, and it seems that $5000 is the usual starting price for any of their bikes, which is to much. When I went, the cheapest I saw was a Zeal for $5250 at Action. Though I will have to go check them out tomorrow. Plus I've emailed the guy selling the ZXR250 I mentioned to you, so I'll have to see about that. I've found a car, so that's half the job done at least :LOL:
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if all the bike shops are shut tomorrow. Your best bet is just to ring all the ones in Canberra and ask if they have any secondhand learner legal bikes. Saves a lot of time and effort as opposed to going round and visiting them all.
  8. I haven't ridden a VTR, so I don't really have an answer for you. A mechanic's report, even if it's a pain, would probably be well worth doing. And hey, you might discover that it's just a dirty air filter that's choking it up and a half hour cleanup session will yield you a perfectly running Spada!
  9. I didn't realise they were all closed on sunday, you saved me a lot of effort
  10. I have a Spada and when i first got it, its not that i thought it lacked power, just it didnt feel to be as zippy as my XR250. but after my first week of riding it, i realised that you can be in first or sixth gear while comuting around under 6000RPM and there not be a hell of a difference. But you definately will notice when you take the bike in the the higher rev range (ie 10,000RPM where it makes MAX power) Thats when it really starts to shine and the riding becomes a whole lot more fun. I can only really compare it to my XR250, which is quite a different bike, both in style and engine (trail vs road/single cylinder vs V-twin). But if your worried your best bet would be ride a few more Spadas and see if its the individual bike with the problem, or all spadas and/or take it to a mechanic. They are 17 years old so problems are bound to arise in some bikes.

  11. Compression test! It could save you a fortune.