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Spada Problems, have vid

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by WillywareCPS, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Hello. I am of need of some help. This morning I gave my spada a clean. Nothing to heavy just light wash with a small pressure water bottle. Then a wipe down and repeat with mister sheen.

    Now the problem... after that I took it up the road to get some fuel. Started fine no problems then... get to the servo, fill up, pay, leave, no problems. Going down the hill motor cuts out when I come to a stop at a small intersection. Hmm this is funny... go to hit the starter motor switch, nothing... okay some thing is wrong. Push start, starts going... get it home. Having a look it sounds like the battery is flat... okay ill live with that. Push starts it to leave it in idle to give it a charge... then its starts doing weird things...

    Look at the video

    As you can hear it is idling okay. I start flicking the head light switch and front brake leaver... the taco starts doing funny things... then i hit the blinkers and the blinker light starts blinking funny as well as the neutral light..

    The starter moter wont even kick in.. when i press it all i hear is 1 click then nothing

    Any suggestions or quick fixes I don’t really want to catch the bus to work tomorrow!!??


  2. Maybe some water got onto the terminals giving it a false connection?
  3. Follow-up,

    Looked at the terminals for any residual water... nothing... check the wring harness, unplugged and replugged all connections I could find...

    Go to start it. In neutral I hear 1 click then nothing. Pull the clutch leaver in hear a few splutter clicks... (Nothing from the starter motor itself). Push start it down the road... worked, did a few laps around my street then more things started. Open throttle fully open and revs where only going to about 5-8k and if I let the throttle go it bottoms out and stalls. Blinkers are twitchy instead of rhythm its spuratic...

    Once I got it started again I gave it a few BIG revs and then it was back to normal. Blinkers were normal revs were normal lights were normal

    But as soon as I hit the start button it goes back to the way above...
  4. It sounds like you got some water into the electrics somewhere...if you have an air compressor try using that and blowing excess water out of electrical sockets/switches etc...or alterantively you can use RP-7 or WD-40 which will displace moisture...I would suggest you start with the headlight/indicator/brake switches...just spray a shit load of WD-40 etc into the switch and work it on and off a few times...and use a rag to wip up the excess spillage. I would pay particular attention to the engine stop switch and starter switch too.

    hope this helps

  5. It's your battery. just replace and prob will go away.
    had same symptoms years ago

  6. Thank you all.. BUT its the battery.. Thank you deathwish.

    Just confirmed it...

    now to buy another battery..

    pheww.. and i thought it was something more serious....
  7. And how did you confirm this?
  8. i removed the battey, used some jumper cables and hooked the bike up to another 12v battery. bike started 1st go no problems visible..

    placed battery back in tried to start.... Nothing..

    tho the bike did receive a big blasting and cleaning in the mean time.. god bless the little beaver... (old but very usefull!) cleaned just about every terminal i could find..

    Thanks again..
  9. I suggest you get the voltage regulator checked as well, since that is probably the reason why the battery went flat in the first place......
  10. Will do... Thanks for suggestion...

    I intend to get the whole electrical system checked out very soon after this little fiasco.