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Spada Parts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bass_player, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Today I went down to Peter Stevens as a last resort (its close to work) and spent half an hour at the spare parts desk for some little punk to tell me that they don't have an oil filter for my bike :evil: . Now I refuse to purchase anything from them (had some bad experiences in the past too).

    So I rang a genuine Honda dealer and enquired about a new oil filter, air filter and rear brake fluid reservoir only to be told that they don't stock or even order any parts as the Spada wasn't officially brought over here. :x After explaining that I wasn't after genuine he still could not help me.

    Another dealer closer to home (a bloody Yamaha dealer!) can supply a generic oil filter but no air filter or rear brake fluid reservoir.

    Anyone know of any dealers/mechanics who can supply spare parts for Spada's? This is starting to piss me off as you would expect bigger shops to be able to supply generic parts for bikes.

  2. Its american but try www.bikebandit.com

    I'm gonna order any mroe parts i need for my gippe thru them, much cheaper than anyone else... Just gotta wait for parts to be sent from O/S

    Show and Go has always been able to get me parts when i need them tho so if you want it within 2-3 days try ringing them
  3. Would VTR250 parts be ok? I thought I read somewhere that it is the same engine in a different frame but can't remember is this is true or not.
  4. i think the Spada has the same engine as the VTR (1 less gear though) and the older FT250F. ( i think)

    you could always adapt bits to fit if your handy with tools. You should see some of the things i know that have been "made" to fit (read: convinced it's a good idea by hammers, drills and saws)

    Yes Hyundai ignition coils run rather well on a BMW GS!!!
  5. Rear Brake fluid reservoir is one of those import/wreckers parts. They are never in stock.

    Oil and air filter, I'm 90% certain the VTR250 part is fine. If I get home at a reasonable hour tonight, I'll check what the part numbers of the spares in my garage are. And those are the official honda ones.
  6. Tell him he's talking through his bum...

    While there a lot of gray imports, the Spada was imported here for a short time - while they may not have sold any at that dealership, Honda did bring them in.

    You can get stuff from the UK - try http://www.wemoto.com/wem/wemspada1.htm
    I've never used them so I have no idea if they are any good.

  7. That's unfortunate. I've never had a problem getting Spada parts from Peter Stevens - I bought an oil filter from them a week or two ago - but then I always ask for cheapo aftermarket options, and always chat to the older guy there. I know a few people who don't think highly of them.

    At least one friend of mine swears by Redwing Honda, but you may have the same "Sorry mate, grey import" issues with the Spada.

    The air filter part number is: 17210-KFK-000. I'd be surprised if the VTR part was the same - the engines are similar, but the frame stuff, not so much, and the air filter looks like a pretty snug fit under the tank. But who knows?

    The rear brake reservoir I can't find a part number for, but it looks pretty boring - just a square tank with a bracket out the side. Should be easy enough to fake?

    Also, I think Victorian Motorbike Wreckers in Heidelberg have a few spadas at any given time, so they might be worth tryig if you don't mind second-hand parts in decent nick.

    And yeah, bikebandit.com is certainly worth a try!

  8. Yep I can confirm that. I have a two wheels from early 90's at home with a review in it
  9. ...or you could consult me and my spada graveyard of doom... i have every spare for this great little bike, and wont take youre arm or leg like some wreckers will... any probs with youre spud, pm me and i'll get ya sorted. PS, check my garage out!
  10. Congratulations! You are now King Necromancer.
  11. he he.. is that a good thing? just wait till you see her finnished... ive customed a few bikes for other people, and cos im on the 250 till 2011, it will be my business card... it will look like something you wouldnt like to meet in a dark alleyway...
  12. I was more commenting on the fact that the last post on this thread was in 2005
  13. I beleive the official title is Supreme Threadromancer. :p
  14. woopsie... damn search engine... what was i thinking! sorry i dug this one up! :roll: ](*,)
  15. Funny non the less.
  16. I got everything from the honda place in ivanhoe (bell st) last weekend.....

    no problem