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Spada or VTR250 timing help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ELX, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    Im trying to get this spada engine back together and running again, but im stuck on the timing. There's seeminly no way for it to be done - the way my service manual says. I was just wondering if ANYONE on here had ever adjusted/set up the timing on a Spada, or perhaps a VTR250 (i hear they are very simmilar engines). Even if anyone has a VTR250 manual and might be able to scan in the relevant pages so that i can get this bloody pain of a bike fixed! Thanks in advance guys,

  2. too hard to explain on here... i have downloaded service manny 4 spada, but check out the links on the site... a mech wont charge much if u take the motor in ounce its together... If u think timing is hard, just wait till u install the carbies :eek:
  3. Cabies are very difficult because of the V, i encountered that last time i took the bike apart. The timing shouldnt be hard, it just is because it doesent work the way the manual says to do it....
  4. So it's not just me?

    There was me thinking if the carbies were this hard, bugger doing anything else to it.

    Once they were off, they were pretty easy to pull apart/put back together, then I had the joy of ... putting them back on.

  5. Yeah, youre best bet to put them back on is to oil the carby insulators (black rubber tubes connecting carbies to engine) with some engine oil, then use a hairdryer to heat em up so they just slide in...