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Spada Oil Pressure Issue

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Iunio, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. howdy guys,

    i just got my L's, and as such have begun the search for my first bike. i did a bit of poking around, and decided a Honda Spada would be the bike for me. I've just been to look at one, and *almost* everything seemed ok; ie it started very easily when cold, and accelerated/braked/changed gears smoothly etc. blew a little bit of smoke when it was just being started, but that seemed to settle down.

    however, there was one small problem. a friend i took who was more technically minded than I noted that the oil did not flow through the oil level window when the bike was running. he wasn't 100% sure, but he was of the opinion that the oil should be clearly moving, as this would indicate a properly operating fuel pump etc. should I walk away from this bike based on this fact? does the fact that the oil was not moving indicate an issue?
  2. Don't think that is an oil pressure issue. Might just be hard for the oil to reach the window. I would be much more worried about the smoke on start up. Obvious sign of aging piston rings.
  3. would aging piston rings be enough to walk away from the deal? it sounds like a kinda major issue.
  4. The oil didn't appear to be moving on my Spada, as far as I can remember. Didn't have any mechanical problems either, in the 10,000 kms I owned it.
  5. It would for me. There are plenty out there that wont smoke. how many k's it done?

    And like gordy, mine only showed oil in the glass when the engine was off. When it was on the oil was moving aorund the engine.
  6. 1988...that thing is old enough to vote. For that amount of coin you can do better.Choose a fresher non smoking model,as a first bike I would buy second hand,but not a 22 year old bike.
    Yes you are right..you dont see the oil through the lil window when the engine is running,it's running through the engine as it should..if it was visible while the engine was running I'd be worried.
  7. The magic word here is spada. It was made in 89. They were all made in 89. They might be a bit overvalued, typically at 3.5k or so. Personally I would be doubtful about the odo considering it is blowing smoke. It looks pretty good but the engine tells a better story than appearance does, I wouldnt be surprised if that thing has gone around the clock. Check the log book if he has it.

    They run the same engine as the vtr250 and personally I would go for the spada. Plenty of happy ex-spada owners on here.

    There is a spada in menai advertised at 3k that I can have a look at for you if you are interested?
  8. i'd get something newer, but i am on a rather tight budget, maybe $4k at the very max.

    my interest in the spada was sparked by the fact that people generally seemed happy with them, and they fell into my price range. they also seem to sell pretty damn quickly, one that was placed up on bikesales for 2500 was gone within a week, so they must have something going for them.
  9. +1 for the Spada. h had one for about 2.5 years and it never missed a beat. Just make sure you give it a basic service when it needs one (oil, fluids, etc.). Also if you find one with an aftermarket exhaust they sound pretty good for a 250. (but dont stress about this just check condition more than anything.)
    Good luck with the bike hunting!
  10. Per the spada service manual, the oil level should be checked while the bike is idling.

    I remember that because it's different to every other bike I know of, and it's a PITA to get it right the first time you do it.
  11. Oh, if it helps you mine took three weeks to sell for 3100, with 10 months rego and 29,000 k's.
  12. ^that would have been just about perfect for me :/