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[Spada] Not behaving

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by flashfire, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    This morning, on my daily commute, my Spada started misbehaving. While stationary, she started idling very low and sounded like she was about to die, so I had to keep the revs up to compensate.

    Now, I'm very mechanically inept and bad at describing such things, so I will do my best.

    It sort of felt like when the petrol is running out, but at the same time it felt the way it did when I had a spark plug lead issue.

    It's fine when moving (power seems normal), and fine if I'm keeping the revs up... It conked out whilst I was parking, but restarted fine, so long as I had some throttle action.

    I haven't had any problems with the bike since I bought her. The spark plug lead issue was the result of a part disintegrating in my mechanics hand.

    It was raining moderately much of the night (bike was outside), and whilst I was riding this morning. I did have to ride through one big puddle.

    Maybe it's a fuel line thing? I really have no idea. Should I increase the idle in order to get her home tonight, or should I join the honda roadside assist and hope that they come out on the same day that members join up? :?:
  2. First thing I would check is the airbox drain for water, then the air filter, when was it last changed? Then the plugs, they are cheap as chips, just replace them if they are more than a few months old.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    The air filter and plugs were changed on 16th July this year.

    I don't even know what the airbox drain is to be able to check it for water. *sigh* Hopefully the weather dries up before lunch time, and my commute home is incident free, so I can get my boy to have a look at her when I get home.
  4. The airbox is a large plastic box, usually under the tank. If you follow the inlet hose back from a carby you will find the airbox. Look for a length of thin hose with a plug or cap in the end. Remove the cap and see if water drains out. Don't be alarmed if the water is oily and emulsified, this is normal.
  5. i'm pretty sure that to join you have to go and get your bike inspected at an authorised honda service centre... it's not as simple as ringing up and paying the $55 :?
  6. Sounds like you've just got water somewhere it shouldn't be.

    Mines does the exact same to me just after I give her a bath.

    To get to the airbox, you've got to take the tank off. Or my hands are too big to get at it from under.

    Just give it a couple of dry hours and see.

    I had to take the Spada in to get it checked out to join Riders Assist, they wouldn't let me join via the phone. Hornet did it over the phone with no problems.
  7. I hope you're right Kaer. :? *puts in request for dry weather*
  8. Just went and checked my bike during lunch break. She started fine. I played around with the idle control a bit. The rpms It wouldn't stay steady and was all unstable up&down within maybe a 400rpm range.

    After about 5mins of running, she started doing it again. Losing power almost to the point of stalling. When the idle would get very low, I wind on the throttle a bit and hear a sort of pop/clunk type sound from under the tank
  9. Okay, now we've got a bunch of potential stuff here, randing from the nasty to the quick fix.

    I'm still fairly certain it's water has got in somewhere it shouldn't. Air filter/fuel. But the pop/clunk doens't make sense (unless it's in the fuel).

    The Pop/clunk sound isn't a good one though. Does she sound different on starting up, or the same albeit on lower revs?

    Minimize the riding if you can. If it is something in the engine, you don't want to aggravate poor Jade.
  10. Thanks Kaer,

    I got Jade home okay yesterday afternoon - I increased the idle to stupid (eventually warmed up to 4200rpm! yoink) and have let her rest for today. Will see what she's feeling like later this afternoon.... My instincts are telling me the same as you: water being where it shouldn't, but I also think there might be a loose hose or something. I really did have to ride through a big sloshy puddle yesterday morning - so much so that I was praising my boot manufacturers for keeping my toes dry.

    To answer your questions, she starts up fine. Perfect. Then after a few minutes she starts idling low etc.

    Will report back tomorrow.
  11. Petrol tank breather or vacuum hose to fuel tap.

    The popping sound is backfiring because it is to lean.

    When you start up the pressure is equal everywhere. As you use fuel the pressure drops in the tank and it's starving the carbies of fuel. At speed you are drawing more vacuum (in the tap hose) and the problem is less noticable.

    When you stop for a bit the pressure equalises.

    Next time it happens, crack the fuel cap a bit and see what happens
  12. Thanks ibast. Do you think this has anything to do with the Staintune pipe I put on her, and/or the fuel system cleaner stuff I put into her about 3 tanks of petrol ago?

    Edit: ibast, you've reminded me of something actually. Maybe it is a vacuum hose thing, cos a couple of months ago, I was riding around for weeks unknowingly with my fuel tap on OFF (made me wonder if I actually had a reserve!). Also, the last tank of petrol gave me ~35kms less than usual before switching to reserve... Also, I have never been able to squeeze in as much petrol into the tank as I should be able, i.e it's an 11 litre tank plus 2 on reserve, however when I fill up just after switching to reserve, I'm usually only able to squeeze ~9litres in. Last tank, I got around 10litres in, but had some overflow dripping the next morning as the sun warmed up my petrol tank.
  13. Could be a faulty tap or shit in it. Don't know about the reserve thing. Many manufacturers over aexagerate their tank size. looks good on a sales brochure.

    Does the tap have an "off"? sounds funny that you could ride with it off. "pri" maybe?