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Spada LED Indicator problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by matthewjw, May 25, 2009.

  1. Usual problem with LED aftermarket indicators. I have front and back aftermarket pair to replace the ginormous standard indicators.

    Fitted the rear two okay - understand that led draw less voltage and require led flasher can to get right flashing rate.

    However when I fit the both front pair, I get nothing. All indicators dead.
    When I attach one of the front pair of LED's (so 1 led and 1 std indicator on front and two led on rear) , I get all indicators flashing when i indicate left or right.

    The other issue is that I now appear to have significant battery drain (I have left std two indicators on front and LED's on rear) without a flasher can.

    Coulpe of queries if anyone can help:

    1. Does a new LED flasher can do anything other than regulate the flashing speed?
    2. Why would there be no response when fitting all four LED indicators?
    3. If LED's draw less voltage, why would the battery now get drained with normal riding and use?
    4. If a get a two or three pin flasher can, does anyone know how to install it - I cant find an existing flasher can if it actually exists on the Spada.
    5. Might I have done something to the grounding wire which would affect the battery?

  2. You've got a short somewhere.

    You don't need a special flasher unit, but you would have to solder in some resisters.

    find the fault and all should be good.