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Spada in a mini-bus? A long story....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gilligan, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. What a day. For those who weren’t there and are reading this the day goes something like this.....

    Picked up my Spada a week ago and last night saw a post for a beginners group ride out of Werribee. I’ve been keen to meet some fellow Netriders and do a group ride so this morning I met up with port80, and Jaws at Werribee Maccas and we headed out to Bacchus Marsh to meet up with Triway and get some lunch. A quick Subway later and Triway was leading us out towards Dalesford. The weather was pretty cool and the sun we were promised was somewhere else, but despite the cold fingers I was having a blast – loads of fun :grin: .

    We hit Dalesford and stopped for half an hour for coffee and afternoon tea and the sun started shining – a good sign I thought :) . Downed a flat white and caramel slice and we hit the road again. This is where the day got interesting.... About 8 ks out of Dalesford we’re overtaking some traffic. Down a couple of gears and I’m winding the engine out as I pass this car, then all of a sudden the engine makes this awful mechanical rattling sound and I lose half my power :eek: . Pulled over and fortunately port80 was behind me so he stopped and phoned Triway to get him and Jaws back. Rev the engine and that death-rattle is still there and worryingly there isn’t a lot of oil to be seen in the engine. Port80 nicked back to Dalesford for some oil and we topped her up, but not surprisingly the old Spada still didn’t sound too flash. Thought I’d try to limp her home but barely covered any distance at low speed before she gave out completely. Triway and myself reckon it sounds like a dropped valve.... :(

    Anyway, Triway did the 30 minute trip home to Bacchus to get transport for the paralytic bike and port80 and jaws headed off – no point keeping them as I’d spoiled the day enough! An hour later Triway shows up with his mini-bus (you read this correctly). Amazingly his intuition paid off and through a combination of skill, ingenuity and plain luck the two of us got the Spada through the side door of the van and parked down next to the seats! For those of you who don’t believe this is possible, we took some photos for posterity (and proof). Not sure how often you see something like this!!



    I must say I’m majorly bummed about the engine lunching itself. I only picked it up a week ago, done 250-odd ks, and this was my fourth ride (private sale unfortunately so not much comeback there). On the plus side this was my first Netrider event and I’ve quickly learnt what a great community this. Triway, jaws and port80 were nothing but helpful despite me bringing the day to an early end. In particular I can’t thank triway enough for coming out with his son and, despite living at Bacchus Marsh, driving me and the bike all the way back to Yarraville. It was way more than I expected and I can’t thank him enough for his help in making a sucky situation a lot less sucky. I only met him for the first time today and can only say he is a top guy :cool: and I owe him one, and if I don’t get to lend him a hand one day, then next time a fellow rider is in a bind it’ll be my turn to give back.

    Judging by the sounds the engine is making it’s gonna be new engine time – this isn’t a minor problem that’s for sure. Hopefully I can get it to someone this week before I go away on holiday on Friday, and with a bit of luck I’ll be on the road again when I get back. Anyone with suggestions on a quality Honda mechanic out the western side of Melbourne and/or source of appropriate engines please let me know.

    Cheers all