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Spada Import Question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gilligan, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Quick noob question,

    I'm looking at a Spada for a first bike and have read about Spada imports (as opposed to Australian delivered) being harder to insure etc. Anyone out there able to inform me what years or models were Oz delivery?

  2. All Spadas are 1989 models. It was the only year that bike was produced.

    I have a feeling also that they were only produced for the Japanese market, thus they are all grey imports here. Although I may be wrong on that point. :)

  3. Yep, on this point I was wrong. :oops: There are some Aus Delivery spadas out there.

    The complience plate on an Aus Del Spada should identify it as an 1989 model. An import will display that and a complience date and should say which company imported it (not Honda). :)
  4. Thanks for info Seany.
  5. Don't think that they are harder to insure. Mine was a piece of piss to insure and it's a grey import.
  6. 'ugh', i've heard that as well.

    when i first got my spada(grey import) i had no drama taking out full comp. insurance for it.

    they're a great first bike! have fun, if you get the spada.
  7. Contact Mr Steve Wyers at Caringbah Motorcycles www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au, he's a Spada importer and re-seller and there's probably no-one in the country who knows more about them. He even offers special head-stock billets to raise the bars for people who don't like to lean as far as the standard bars demand.
  8. Mine was no problem to insure, went through NRMA in NSW. The only problem was that they would only insure it for the "market price" instead of the price I bought it, or would sell it for.
  9. There are companies who refuse to insure grey market bikes.

    I would ask the posters who said 'I had not trouble' if they specifically informed the insurance companies in writing that thier particular spadas were grey import.

    Because if not and you have an accident your insurance payout may well be reduced.

    nb I'm not saying don't buy a spada they are good bikes, I'm just saying that other things being equal Australian imported ones are worth more than grey import ones and that (like other factors) should be reflected in the price you pay for the bike.
  10. I told them it was an import when getting the insurance- hence the only insured for market price, not actual price like normal. I figured I would get nothing if I lied about that, at least this way I get something if I write it off.
  11. that's a good point.

    in my case, i did tell them it was a 'grey import 'and they did not question it or the amount i insured it for. in any case, read the pds and ask them questions.
  12. Hey all, thanks for everybody's input. Much appreciated.

    I'm actually going out today to look at one or two Spadas so we'll see how it goes.

    Would love to go for a VTR250 for my first bike - I could afford it - but I'm doing my best to be sensible and get something cheaper that I won't cry too much over IF I drop it :evil: Not that I'm planning on that ! Everybody I speak to reckons a Spada is a great choice for a first bike.

    Thanks again, I'm loving Netrider.

  13. I'm no expert, but in a lot of ways spada's are better equiped then vtr250's. Die cast alloy frame, 6 speeds and a tacho. I vaguely remember reading that the reason why they were made for such a short period of time was that they were expensive to build and honda was hardly making any money on them, though i could be wrong. If my gpx hadnt come along so cheap i would have definitely picked up a spada, bit of a fan...