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Spada heaven

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Ok, first of all, if this should be somewhere else, could the mods please move it?

    Secondly, I am in no way shape or form connected with the company I am about to mention, I have just known them for many years

    Thirdly (get to the point, dammit!) I have discovered a Spada heaven in Sydney.

    Caringbah Motorcycles in Caringbah (duh) is run by a man called Steve Wyres and he imports and refurbishes Spadas driect from Japan. He told me this morning that he sells between 50 and 60 a year. Most are pre-sold when they arrive, such is the demand.

    His deal is; you order the bike, and when it arrives it has a complete tech inspect, brakes, fluids, etc, is fitted with new tyres unless the ones fitted are near new, he will paint the tank and guard any colour you prefer, and he offers 20% on your choice of a total riding gear package into the bargain. Although he is not forced to by the price range of the bikes or any regulation he offers a 90 day warranty on every bike sold, but told me he's rarely had to honour it. He doesn't advertise as most of his business comes by word of mouth.

    Now, as well, since some people complain about the agressive seating position of the Spada, he has had made up a replacement top triple clamp onto which can be fitted a normal set of bars (he can do this either as an after-sale service, or as part of the package to purchase.) The kit can be purchased from him for Spadas he hasn't sold, of course, (forgot to ask him how much)

    A typical Spada sells for between $3,900 - $4,600 depending on condtion, mileage and custom features the customer requires.

    His web-site is www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au and he can be contacted at caringbahmotorcycles@bigpond.com

    His phone number is (02) 9524 6456, or (02) 9526 1122, and his fax number is (02) 9526 1122.

    I hope this of use to the many new riders who ask about 250s, and especially since Sumoto in Melbourne seems to have muddied the waters on grey imports, so I read.
  2. +1

    Caringbah MC is where I bought my (now sadly departed) Spada. Steve's a great bloke, honest and direct. No BS.

    There are a couple of other outfits in Sydney that do pretty much the same deal as Steve, but IMO Caringbah are the best to deal with.

  3. Top spot their Hornet. That should take the hassle out of finding a good example of a Spada for any newbies.

    Only question is - aggressive seating position on the Spada? Really is that aggressive? I found it most comfortable (hence I now own one).
  4. Seats felt good to me when ive sat an them.

    Do you know if there would be any issues with interstate purchses for when the time comes to get one?
  5. Drew, wait twelve months and you can have mine :p

    As for interstate, afaik it can be done, but it might be more expensive than paying the premium for a good one in Vic.
  6. Drew, Just look ing the "Netrider Partner Discounts" section. I'm sure there's a bike freight company in there somewhere.

    If you're thinking about it, compared to buying a bike off Ebay or something, I reckon you'd do pretty well to buy a Spada off these guys. I'm sure myself or Hornet would be happy to check the bike out for you if necessary...

    Have you got any funds yet??
  7. it's agressive compared to the VTR250. i had kaer's spada for the better part of a month whilst the VTR was in the shop - when i finally went to pick up my bike it felt so incredibly weird that initially i thought they had put the bars back on incorrectly :LOL:

    i love my bike but i must admit, i wish it had clip ons...
  8. 12 months and drew gets a free spade.. NICE! :)
  9. I haven't sat on/ridden a Spada at all, so I can't comment from experiences, but he said some people do ask for a more upright seating position. I guess he wouldn't have gone to the expense of having the replacement triple clamp made if he didn't perceive that there was a market for it.....
  10. i didnt find the seating position too bad when i rode one. looks like i might side grade to a spada then if thats the sorta service you get. rego and insurance will be cheaper too. bonus :)
  11. Yeah, and if you check the web-site he's including 1 year's rego IN THE PRICE.....
  12. A more upright seating position would ge great. I am constantly getting sore wrists due to the seating position of my Spada. Might have to get in touch with Steve and see what can be done. Cheers for the post Hornet :)
  13. actually, he does advertise in the magazine: 'motorcycle trader'.

    came across him while shopping for a spada. so much is the damand, apparently, that he had none when i was itching to buy.
  14. G'day Hornet,
    I'm just curious if the other used bikes he's selling are likely to be 'imports' too? They all look to be in great 'cosmetic' condition if nothing else... ;-)
  15. Yeah, by my observation some of the other machines on his showroom floor were also 'different' from the usual Australian market stuff. That said the two Spadas I looked at were sparklers!
  16. lol... i spoke to Steve yesterday (for the second time), asking about the next shipment of Spadas coming in from Japan. he mentioned that he'd had somebody from an internet forum from wollongong in to talk to him that morning with a few questions... i thought it would be someone from here and there would be a thread next time i was on.

    he was very helpful and willing to answer all my questions. think i will be heading down there tomorrow to talk about putting a deposit down. i've been looking for a while now, primarily at Spadas, and it seems like a great deal and great people to deal with.

    i'm new here by the way. hi.
  17. Hi hobbes and welcome - good luck with the Spada
  18. thanks. have been browsing around for a while now and found some very useful advice. nice community you have here. no doubt i'll have plenty of questions in the months to come.
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