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Spada Gear Lever

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kilo86, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Spada Clutch Lever

    Hi all.

    Do any of the Spada owners here know what gear levers will suit an 89 Spada as I have cracked mine? I have done some searching through here and online and haven't found anything definite. I've seen a few other sites where people have mentioned a few models that are interchangeable such as:

    - cbr600f2
    - cbr929
    - cbr250
    (all early 90's models)

    I'm hoping that they are but just want to confirm as I was looking at these:


    I'm assuming that at least the early model vtr250's used the same gear/brake lever setup?Any help would be much appreciated, Cheers.
  2. The link you have is for clutch & brake levers rather than a gear lever, just to clarify.

    Support your local bike shop/wrecker by buying from them, most levers will be between $10 & $15 ea.

    They also have a big book that cross references what levers fit what models.
  3. Yeah sorry you are right, I got my terms mixed up. Yeah I Asked and I can get a standard replacement for $20 from Trevor Jordans, but I was thinking of going for the short levers and just replace them both. The wreckers is a good idea, I might go have a check, might come across some I like.