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Spada: Fuel Tap/Switch. Where in Sydney can I get one?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. My fuel tap/switch on the Spada needs to be replaced. Does anyone know where I can get one? Surely not from a Honda dealer. Are they the same as a VTR250 fuel tap? Are they common with any other Honda's model fuel tap?

  2. Since Honda officially imported "spadas" in one guise or another it should be possible to get a complete tap that will fir. Possible coast around $150, which is the VTR price.

    Get the 2 bikes side by side and you should be able to see whether the tap fittings into the tank are similar enough.

    Alternatively just go to a Honda dealer or two. They make money out of selling parts...

    Or try a wreckers...look in Motorcycle Trader or Just Bikes.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS What is wrong with your existing tap? Must be serious if you think you need a new one...
  3. hi,
    You may only need a fuel tap rebuild kit. Have a look around online to see if they exist for your model bike. If worse comes to worse and you have a budget then any fuel tap of the same design (vacuum or gravity fed) should technically work if you can bolt it on.

    I'd look into the rebuild kit. I've done 2 bikes now. Both Kawasaki's :|
  4. Motorcycle wreckers as well.
    Many honda 250 parts are interchangeable.
    Worked for me when I was looking for a clutch lever for my cd250u.
    It came off a spada.
  5. talk to caringbah motorcycles; that's where you bought the bike, if he hasn't got one, no-one does....
  6. Thank you for your responses. I will probably try the wreckers first. When I got my bike from Carringbah Motorcycles. The first fuel tap leaked quite a bit. I got it replaced within the warranty period. I will go back Carringbah Motorcycles if the wreckers proved fruitless. Carringbah will probably remove the fuel tap from another Spada. (Like they did with my 2nd fuel tap.)

    The 2nd fuel tap acts like this: "On" means reserve, "Reserve" means on. "Off" means on, I rode 15km with the fuel switch on "off". I can smell petrol fumes each time I remove the bike cover. Had my bike serviced at Motorcycle Weaponary and he said that the fuel tap is on its way out and it will leak very soon. I think Carringbah were a bit careless (as they were rushing) and it has been nearly one year since I last visited them.

    Having said that, Carringbah Motorcycles did sell me a very good bike but they were pushed for time. I got my bike one week after the date they promised to deliver it. I still gave them praise on this forum. The first service I did with them was very good. They did an excellent job replacing my rear shock absorber and stiffen up the suspension. I was slightly a bit disappointed with the little things. I still think that they are very good but it's too far for me to travel. At least my gf can pick me up at Motorcycle Weaponary.

    If I ever sell my Spada, I hope that all the little things work OK. The engine is in top condition. I have to replace the chain and sprocket at my next service. (Also front tyre and brake pads).
  7. sounds like the fuel lines are around the wrong way at the tap,

    also if it runs when in the off position then the rubber seal is busted as already mentioned.
  8. The tap screws into the tank. The fuel line is on the output of the tap and goes to the carbs. It can't be connected the wrong way...

    What is more likely is that a different model tap has been substituted, which simply is setup in reverse to the original one fitted. The "wrong" position markings are possibly on the tank itself, but the tap should also have some points marked.

    Honda taps can be confusing - the arrow head is sometimes not much bigger than its tail...

    If it is leaking there will be wet traces of fuel on and underneath the bike.

    It is possibly a vacuum tap and might have had the vacuum diaphragm section disabled to allow fuel to pass through.


    Trevor G
  9. ah ok my bad Trevor, no idea how the honda fuel taps work
  10. Shhh - don't tell everyone! ;-)