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Spada - Front fork spacers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by TheYak, May 15, 2007.

  1. Just an FYI for fellow Spada riders, and I guess any contemporary Jap bike with very basic front suspension.

    I had some spacers added to tighten the front up during the last service, and the result so far is great :) More stable at speed and over rough surfaces, it really soaks up bumps a -lot- better than before; definitely a big improvement to the ride. I guess it was never set up for Aussie roads and riders from the factory. Will know more after the next run through some twisties :eek:

  2. do you know what weight of fork oil they used and also how much do u weigh?
  3. I'm just on 80kg. I didn't ask about the weight, assuming they used the standard stuff, might even have left the old oil in as it would be around two years old? Don't know there, but can check if you're interested, I'm just rapt that it's made such a difference :)
  4. yea i got my fork oil on my gpx changed to one weight heavier so 15 > 20 and it feels more stable so i can only imagine that spacers will further improve it.

    have fun in the twisties:)
  5. They would have used 15 or 20W oil.

    You can do this mod yourself, it's not difficult. Extra preload spacing in the forks is as easy as sticking some washers in at the top of the spring/collar.
  6. yep, i put a half inch of PVC tubing in my spud forks. stiffened em up a heap! I love stiff suspension, and also installed a RVF 400 rear spring which i run soft