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Spada from ray quince

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wings9000, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    Anyone bought any Spada from Ray Quincey?
    Are their bikes good value?
    Am looking at their Spada 89 model priced around $3k ride away, 20k+ kms.. can anyone comment pls?
    thank you.
  2. I'd concentrate more on the bike than the supplier (unless it's sumoto :LOL: )

    For that sort of money I'd expect a near perfect spada (near new sprockets chain, tyres etc), probably an Australian bike as opposed to an import, with a service history (near impossible with a 250 of that age) and 9+months rego.

    Get a mechanic to inspect the bike if you are unsure.
  3. I've never bought a bike from Ray Quincey's but have dealt with them in other ways. They had a bad reputation in the past but I haven't heard such talk in a while and my sense is that whatever was earning it is no longer an issue (informed comments anybody?). Certainly they've always been straight with me, and have always treated my partner well when she's taken bikes in there. I once enquired about a bike they had, and the run down included what seemed a very honest account of the bike's problems, which is unusually honest for a used vehicle saleman!

    I had a mate buy a Spada with same age and kms as yours from Sumoto (even though I tried to steer him away from them). He paid around $4 or $5K! But he hasn't had a single problem with it in three years and is happy to retain it for the freseeable future. It's always a risk buying used, but you should be right with Ray Quincey's, and in my experience they're both good guys there. $3K from a shop sounds fine, esp if the ORC are included. And the Spada is a good choice.
  4. I think the spada stopped production in '91 or so, and the bikes you've seen may have been complied for australian roads in 2000, and the person has quoted that. Go off manufacture date.

    I'm not sure what spada's are worth these days, but that price is nearing where the cheaper VTR's are(in private sale, with more, but maybe more genine kms...... )When i was looking for a bike, the spada's I found were 2000-3000 private sale.

    As for the kms, everybody has a different view, but for me, being a 250 that's most likely a jap import (if it was aust delivered, it would be listed as a selling point id imagine?) its most likely been through several learners over near 20 yrs, 21thou kms seems a bit low (new dash in japan?).....considering theres a bunch of litrebikes for sale from this side of 2000 with more kms and such........
  5. I bought my 1999 VTR250 from Ray Quincey. Was painless. Rocked up, paid cash, signed form, rode away.

    I had no problems with the bike at all, except for the scratches I put on it by falling off... obviously a major vendor problem, eh?

    It was the cheapest VTR250 I could find advertised in Melbourne at the time, had 43,000kms on it (I put another 11,000 on it in a year) never missed a beat.

    Recently sold it for $300 less than I paid for it.
  6. hi jellikit

    thanx for the feedback..
    i'd like the vtr250 too..but its bit more to pay than d spada..
  7. When you are :raw" to bikes and are about to buy a bike as old as this then you should invest $100 and get it inspected by a chemanic ;)

    Bikenut or Everything 2 wheels offer such a service as do a few others, check the partners/links pages
  8. It is highly likely that the bike has done more than 21,000 km. Either it has done 121,000 km or the odometer has been replaced.

    I agree with Vic, if you are intent on buying it, get it inspected. $110 is loose change compared to how much an unforseen problem can cost you.
  9. You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!


    More likely its just been wound back. Never trust odos on older bikes, get an inspection, including a compression test to see what the condition of the engine is like.
  10. 1. Get someone to check it.
    2. The Spada - even though they are older - are better bikes in many ways than the the later VT's. Honda dropped the Spada because it was too expensive to make.
    3. Get someone to check it.
    4. The cheapest Spada on Bikesales.com is $3200
    5. Get someone to check it.
  11. hi guys...

    the thing wif buying 2nds is.. u jz duno how much u nid to spend on pre-inspections til u find the one.. sihgs..

    i tried to get a car same time last year.. n it din happen.. i actualy paid for 3xcomprehensive pre-inspections by RACV and nothing actually went thru.. sigh.. so i jz gaf up on finding a car.. too much hassle.. lol..

    now lookin for a 2nd bike.. hmmm more pre-inspections to pay... i know it will save a couple of $k in my hip..

    hope i haf beta luck this time in finding a decent reliable 2wheel.. n 1st pre-inspection wil do the magic deal...

    tx guys.. if u hear any decent bikes lurking.. tell them m luking.. haha
  12. ur fkn inglsh makz m fkn ize buuuurrrnnn.

    Care to translate?
  13. Hi guys...

    The thing with buying second-hand bikes is, you just don't know how much you need to spend on pre-inspections until you find the one. *sighs*

    I tried to get a car the same time last year and it didn't happen. I actually paid for three comprehensive pre-inspections by RACV and nothing went through. *sigh*. So I just gave up on finding a car, too much hassle. Lol.

    Now i'm looking for a second(hand?) bike, hmm, more pre-inspections to pay. I know it will save me a few grand though.

    Hope I have better luck this time in finding a reliable two-wheel and the first pre-inspection will do the magic deal.

    Thanks guys. If you hear about any decent bikes lurking, tell them i'm lurking. Haha
  14. tell them m *looking*

    gud one NeddoMAC!! 99% accurate!
    SEE wasnt tat hard to read was it?
  15. Urgh. Necro thread. Sorry but I think it's worth bringing it up rather than creating a new one, specifically to ask about the advantages to disadvantages of vtr250s vs the spada. *edit here* Kind of directing the question at TonyE as he brought it up at the top of the page.

    So obviously the vtrs are newer. More likely to have less K's, and they will almost certainly be genuine. +1 VTR.

    From what I understand the spada frame is lighter and stronger? +1 Spada.

    I'm in the market for an entry level bike. Choices are sort of limited, I've narrowed it down to a handful of spadas/vtrs/bandits. Possibly even a gpx.

    To get back on track: What are the other differences? I test rode a spada and was fairly keen on it but I received some sound advice from a family friend: Get it checked out (as its not being sold with RWC, but apparently the seller was happy for me to take it somewhere or get someone in). I'd rather not spend the cash on an inspection for a bike if there are other reasons not to buy it that I DONT need one to find out.
  16. its a 2nd hand learner bike. Whats important is its condition (which you have to physically look at) and service history rather than some specs on the internet. Lets face it all 250's are going to be slow (fact of life).
  17. Disclaimer: I only had a Spada, not a VTR.

    The really obvious difference is that a Spada has a 6 speed gearbox vs. the 5 speed box on the VTR - although many argue that it makes no difference. The spada also has a higher red line, and may have had slightly more power when new.

    The Spada will probably be cheaper.

    Because the VTR is newer, parts will be easier to find. That's not a huge worry though, as the Spada's are generally very reliable.
  18. All things being equal, a Spada is slightly quicker (and better handling) than a VTR in the same condition.

    They were imported into Australia for a few years but you'll find the majority of them are gray imports from Japan. My daughter had hers for three years until someone stole it when I rode it to work one day.

    In that time the only real issue was a fuel problem which was caused by a blockage in the tank breather tube. She rode it to Mt Gambier from Melbourne several times and did two BMW Icicle rides on it.

    She bought it after her kawaski 250LTD blew up. Interestingly the guys at Brighton Kawaskai recommended she look for a Spada as the best second-hand 250 for her given her riding style (quick!). I was impressed that they recommended it over the Across and the ZZR250 they had in stock.

    The worst problem with the gray imports is that the instument needles are vulnerable to UV light and may go brittle and break.