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Spada exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Layto, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Hi people.
    I'm looking at options for an louder exhaust for my spada. I have had a search through the site. A few people have fitted VTR 250 staintune pipes. These look nice, but are a bit pricey for what i want as i only plan to keep the bike till i finish off my restrictions. Anyone else got another suggestion, or used anything else. I'm not after a huge power increase (but would be nice) just a better sound, as riding a bike that sounds like a washing machine sucks :). Is there a factory can will fit okay, and give a better sound. Modifications are not an issue, though a basicallly straight forward fitment is what im after. Im' an ex car mechanic now working as a mechanical engineer so a bit or work isnt an issue. I have looked at removing the baffles from the exhaust, but the can is welded and i would rather not cut up the factory can in case i need it sometime.


  2. Yeah, the can is welded on, so it involves a hacksaw if you change that and not the whole pipe... and therefore presumably some sort of sleeve or some skilled welding to put the stocker back on. I'll be interested to hear what answers you get, 'cos without some sort of divine intervention in my finances I'm likely on the Spada for another couple of years.
  3. I would make up a slip joint if i was going to fit a new can for ease of fitment. I could weld it, but slip joint would be easiest. Though about getting a standard can from another bike with similar inlet diamiter and non-welded construction then doing a baffle-ectomy on that and seeing how things go. Was wondering how larger sports bike mufflers might go on it, as these seem to be available from when people upgrade their exhaust. Suggestions??

  4. I know this is an old thread, but for all you fellow Spada riders out there who are interested - I stumbled across one of these on fleabay.

    Here's another pic.

    I'm such a sucker and couldn't resist it at $250, although the chrome headers have a bit of rust that wasn't mentioned that need a good polish.

    Anyway, I installed it today, after finally removing the old stock exhaust (let me tell you, getting that thing off was a real pain in the a$$! don't laugh, that's just sick) and whoa - what a difference in sound - this system is loud! It definitely turned a few heads today, and now my spud doesn't sound like the wheezy 17 year old I once knew :)

    The earplugs came in handy, that's for sure.
  5. Ive got some pipes lying around from my spada projects. I had three spadas, and ive got a graveyard of parts. The best I have is a TINGATE RACEING muffler with adaptor. Sounds wicked (if ducati made a 250, it'd sound like this)
  6. That's cool - I hadn't heard of Tingate before. I actually saw a blue spada yesterday with a slip-on for the first time which was pretty cool. With the new system I can actually feel more power coming from the bike which is great!

    What other mods did you do to your spadas? I've seen Coerce rearsets for the spud on Jap sites which look cool, so the pegs don't grind so easily, but they'd probably be about $400+ to get over here (if they posted them) :(
  7. Spada Mods...
    Twin headlights (streetfighter style)
    GP digital dash (a bit of a waste on a 250, but hey....)
    MX bars with clip-on style riser adaptor clamps (the best mod I ever made by far, but I had to get the parts custom made... For sale though..)
    Under-bar mirrors (looked under my elbows, and had nothing to obstruct my vision over the top... $39 Peter Stevens)
    Usual fancy indicators, rubber mount so they wont snap.
    Belly pan, made from a ZZR250 fairing, but it looked pretty gay.
    Single seat conversion... Chopped the subframe down to just behind the riders bum, and had the light sticking out there. Would have been good but didint finnish it.
    Rear hugger made from a CBR 600 front gaurd.
    LED bulbs in the tailight (www.austreetfighter.com.au)

    Had some Ideas in the pipeline which I might do before I get my liscence back... Did you know VTR250 rims will go straight on your bike? So will a CBR 250 front (the same mould as a VTR) and if you use the CBR's forks, you can run twin disks... Nice.
    Or what about a Handa Bros or VRF400 single swingarm... Abit too much I think.
    For a while I was riding with no muffler, just a car chrome exhaust tip under my foot until I got told off by the local constabulairy. Ooops. Also not good fir your rings.
  8. Wow, you really went to town! Good for you :)

    I haven't seen many pics of modded spuds around - have heard of the 400 swingarm though. The points on compatibility with other hondas you mentioned are quite interesting - vtr rims would look pretty cool/different. You could keep the stock colours too as they come in gold (I've got a red spud). One mod aside from the coerce rearsets that would be handy is a screen. Braided lines would be cool as well...

    Hmmm... off my restrictions in August... modding my 2fiddy vs saving that money for upgrade... I'm sure most of us have been in this situation heh heh.
  9. Yeah Ive often thought of whacking a can on my 250 but when I think about it would be much better off putting that $$ towards my next ride. Especially considering you dont get the $$ back when you sell it.
  10. You can get screen to fit both the VTR and spada. Easy to find, and install. I say spend the cash and dont sell the bike. Keep it, because you sell the memories too. Plus working on a 250 is great for learning. Do all the mods you can, becouse theyre a dime-a-dozen and have heaps of spare parts. Bigger bikes are generally more expensive to work on, not to mention complicated. Everyone has a love affair with their first bike.
  11. I agree pete, the only reason I did it was because it was a full system going for $250. And rare :cool:
  12. nice - yeah I'd love to keep it as my commuter if I can afford to when I upgrade as it's a great bike and didn't cost me much. Is the screen the standard vtr one? Might try the wreckers if so.
  13. The screen is an aftermarket item, and simply bolts on using your original headlight bolts on either side of the bracket. Look at www.powerbronze.com.au and check out ther retro fairing. Some look a bit dorky and big, but are probably great for touring. The fairing will fit depending on what bike it is from, as the Spada and Vtr share the same headlight size with many other naked bikes.
  14. Hmm. You and I might have to chat over a beer someday, Nice2Bnaked. I have a Spada in the shed waiting for time & inspiration, and I want to do a lot of the things you list - single seat conversion, custom headlight and gauges being top of the list.

    Your single seat conversion isn't quite what I have in mind, but did you have any difficulty shortening the subframe? Any tips for young players?

  15. subframe shortening? are you handy with an angle grinder? im up for beer anytime (after 10am, anyway) and i will fill youre brain with little project ideas....
  16. Yeah, not too bad. I even own a 9incher, for making quick work of less subtle jobs. Might PM you when the spada is actually back on the road (carb issues) and make a time for beer.

  17. i have spare carbies if it helps.... before you tune them, i also scrapped the airbox for pod filters...
  18. Already pulled them apart and cleaned them - time to put it all back together and see if it helped. If it didn't, I may pick your brains :)

    It runs fine at idle, but giving it throttle from idle causes the revs to drop alarmingly then pick up a little. So hopefully I've declogged the main jets and cleaned everything else out enough to make it run fine.

    New carbies would have been tempting before I cleaned them, though, for sure :)

  19. Sorry to have to drag this topic back up from the dead, but I don't have 20 posts, hence therefore can't PM.

    Nice2benaked, you say you have lots of spada bits laying around? I was thinking of getting an exhaust of some sort made up too. Nothing insanely loud (I have my car for that). Just something a tad louder than the Hoover vacuum cleaner noise I've got at the moment so other drivers would notice me more...