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Spada engine into vt250f

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ezkimo37, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Hi, i was jsut wondering if anyone has ever retrofitteed a bare spada or vtr engine into a '86> vt250f? as far as i know the engines are pretty technically similar, my main concern is that the spada and vtr use the engine as a stress bearing member whrer are it sits in the frame of a vt250. if anyone has any info that would be so good, reply to this or email me some info at>>>> james.a.grant@hotmail.com


  2. If you have a look here you'll see that the VT250F hit sort of a dead end in '86 - the Spada/VTR is a distinctly different lineage. However that same link does seem to suggest that the Magna or VT250C was developed from the VT250F so you might be better sourcing an engine from one of those perhaps.
  3. Am I the only person who noticed the bizarre connection between jd's sig and the fact that he's replying to eskimo37????

    Welcome to Netrider, James, the rest if the people here are quite sane, I'm the village idiot :roll: :LOL:.
  4. Rattle

    Hi guys, thanks for the reply so far.

    i just figured i should let you all know why i am after this info, the current engine not only has over 100K ks on it, but a short time ago developed a slight rattle which sounded like it was coming from the front cylinder. Alarm bells were ringing however my psuedo mechanic (my old man) lives 200kms away and therefore i had to ride it there to have him check it out. On the way the rattle worsened until tho point of no return, i began to loose power from the engine. Rattleing to a halt on the side of the highway the bike started throwing coolant at he out the overflow.

    we stayed otimistic and checked the valve clearances, wasnt them. thought the cam chain might have jumped a tooth, wasnt that. so we suspect it is the top end bearing. i have heard these engines are a serious B!tch to rebuild plus with the high Ks i wonder if it would be worth it. hence the transplant approach. But if anyone has any suggestions as to possible causes of the rattling, i am all ears, would really likek to stop walking everywhere.

    thanks again.
  5. I don't think that sight is proof they are different engines. Just they are different bikes.

    I was under the beleif they are the "same" engine, but whether the mounts are the same is a different story.
  6. thanks ibast, thats what i thought, i wonder how hard it would be to fabricate some new mounts on either the engine or the frame.???
  7. Be carfull. It could be other things too. The inlet and exhaust ports may come out at different angles, the carbs may have different spigots, etc.

    Talk to a grey importer. They may know or they may have an engine you can go and look at.
  8. Okay from the site I linked to (Honda Japan) the engine in the VT250F is the MC08E which was sold in both 4 and 8 valve versions - the VT250, VTR, post '91 VT250F and Spada all use the MC15E - a 4 valve engine. They also differ slightly in displacement since the MC15E runs a slightly longer stroke (.1cm which makes for an extra 1cc displacement) - they also run different carbs.
  9. DOH! I only scanned the original post and assumed it was a "does a spada engine fit in a vtr" post.

    Yep. it's my understanding that the early vt engines are different to the latter ones.

    Sorry JD
  10. Right, so it looks like i need the complete engine (carbs and all) if i am gonna transplant it. hrmmm, ok, i am now taking offers on a '86 vt250 in GC with all fairings and all electrics working (bar tach), new fork seals, 2-1 exhaust not running. All offers considered.

    looks like its time to upgrade. i am thinkin a trx850.

    thanks guys.

    i was just going to add, has anyone here ever shoehorned any kind of engine into this frame? if so hook me some details and i will be eternally grateful.
  12. This Guy managed to get an SR500 engine into a Spada - same sort of thing might work with a VT (maybe try a grey import SR400 engine). Although you're probably better off just buying a TRX.