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Spada Electrical Problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, May 23, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    My front brake wasn't setting off the brake light. So I pulled the contacts off and gave them a clean. I couldn't get it to work even after the clean. Somehow though from doing this I shorted something else out. Bike was working fine before I did this.

    Now when I try to start up the bike, I get a churning noise, taco goes up to about 6k rpm, and nothing happens. Engine doesn't turn over. If I keep trying, then even the churning noise doesn't happen. Wait a while, try again get the churning noises.

    I replaced the fuses, but that didn't seem to be the problem.

    Lights all come on when I turn on the ignition.

    Anyone got any ideas of what could be the problem?


  2. Can't help, but you have my condolences. :( Good luck and I'm sure it's something simple.
  3. Easy would have been the fuses :)
  4. on some bikes (YZF600r) the tacko will go up to a certain RPM to show what the problem is.. you will need a manual to see if that is what is happening...

    your batery could be flat as well... if there was a short circuit it could have run the batery flat. My old GT550 would tell me if the batery was low on power buy moving the tacho nidle... 6000rpm = 6volts...
  5. Just a hunch - disconnect the brake switch and try it out...given that playing with this caused the problem, might help isolate the fault. If no change then time to pull the old multimeter out - check voltage, and look for dead shorts.
  6. Yeah, I did the disconnect brake switch totally and try that. No luck.

    Can't find my multimeter, know it's in one of 3 rather large boxes, will have to dig it up now.

    Going through the workshop manual now.

    If I do a jump start and she goes (which I haven't tried), that would more than likely mean battery correct?

    And what's the voltage on an alive battery meant to be?
  7. It should be around 12.3 volts or higher depends on the battery.
    Less than 12 is very bad. My daughter's Spada shows 12.34 volts on the multimeter.

    All a jump start means is that the battery is not totally dead and allowing current through, it doesn't necessarily mean the battery will hold charge.

    Get a battery charger (one suitable for bikes) and try charging the battery and see if it will hold a charge. You may have accidentally discharged the battery by allowing a short (unlikely though) or the battery might just coincedentally died.

  8. Jump start is a good start.

    If no luck there, maybe starter motor not engaging. Depends on what the 'churning' noise is.

    Sometimes just removing and cleaning the drive spline is enough.
  9. Thanks guys, will give it all a whirl. I'm suspecting it is the battery. No idea how old the battery is, but I've had the Spada for 2 and a half years now, and haven't done anything with the battery in that time.
  10. Got hold of a multimeter (okay managed to get hold of 3).

    Battery is reading at 11.36 volts max. So my battery is buggered.

    Got to get hold of a battery charger now.
  11. Yep it was the battery. Old battery wouldn't hold a charge. New one charged up and whacked in and sweet as a bean.

    Must have done something while I was dicking with the light.

    Thanks for the help guys.