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Spada Chain Touching Swingarm

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Aarleks, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    Inspecting a 1989 Spada to purchase today I noticed that the chain is touching, or very nearly touching, the chain buffer (?) on the swingarm (see picture). I didn't measure the chain movement, though it didn't seem too loose too the touch. Could this be the issue or could it be something else? Is this a big problem? I am a newbie at this, so forgive me if this is an obvious issue.
    Apart from this and a heap of oil/lube beneath the sprocket cover the bike seemed relatively good (compared to other Spadas I have looked at). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. I just had a look at mine and it does rest on that plastic when the bike is resting on the side stand. When the bike is stood straight up the chain moves off that guard.
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  3. Number 1, clean your chain!

    Number 2, it supposed to run over the rubber, it's there to protect the swingarm.

    Number 3, clean your chain!
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  4. Jup, chain goes pretty close to the rubber. Think that's why it's got the rubber right there?

    If that's the only 'issue' you have, then you probably have a great little bike in front of you :)
    Just need to clean the chain (and take off the chain guard and front sprocket cover to clean the gunk off those bits as well, I assume there'll be so much that you can just scrape it off)! The chain slack is easily adjusted within a few minutes if you do find out that it's too lose.

    You should maybe take someone with you who knows a bit about bike mechanics. It gives you a bit more confidence when looking at buying a bike :)
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  5. Thanks guys. Good to know that this appears to be a Spada thing. I hadn't noticed it on other Spadas. Makes wonder what else I missed, and think that Nina's advice to phone a friend is good.
    @MV if I buy the bike I'll clean that chain and post a picture just for you. The whole chain drive is pretty foul:
    Pretty grotty, really.
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    Last edited: Jul 8, 2013
    Yep, it's pretty dirty Aarleks, but a chain that has too much lube is better than one with not enough. Besides, all that lube is stopping things from rusting! There's a good chance that there will be a pile of crud in the front sprocket cover which is easily removed, giving you a good look at the condition of the front sprocket. The chain rubber you mentioned is a guide to not only keep the chain from rubbing on the swingarm, but to line it up as it approaches the front sprocket, so, yes, it's normal to rub on it.

    If you're concerned about tension, as a guide, the chain should have about 25mm up and down movement on the lower section, half way between the sprockets. Also, if you can pull the chain more than about half of its thickness off from the rear sprocket, it's well on its way out. Check for worn (hooked/pointy) sprocket teeth too. Don't let the chain be the deal breaker, perhaps you could negotiate the price as the Spada is a great little performer which should give you many kms of trouble free riding(y)
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  7. Very good! Hard to tell from the pics but that rear sprocket doesn't look great, I'd factor in replacing the chain & sprockets too.
  8. Yeah, I thought that was probably something to consider. So far, at $1,700 asking price for the bike it's looking ok though. Still undecided and will have another look before buying. Anyone willing to come with me to lend a more experienced pair of eyes?:)
  9. chain is running where it is supposed to, the rubber that it is resting on is a wear part, that you replace when it wears out
  10. If I wasn't so far away I'd be happy to come and check it out for you. Actually, my services have been called on to go and look at a 250 this week for a learner friend of mine, she's super keen to get out on 2 wheels :riding:

    Good luck with the Spada(y)
  11. Sprocket looks pretty worn. I'd suggest either replacing it or swapping to shaft drive.
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  12. Better turn that engine sideways too, that way you both the back forth rocking as well as the rear bobbing up & down when you get on & off the throttle :)
  13. That plastic is called a chain slider. Dirt bikes have one at the rear as well and it's called a chain guide. That's because of the amount of suspension travel they have, the chain needs to run more slack.
    That bike has not been dealer serviced in at least a year but I'm thinking three by the state of it.
    De-greaser, a gurney and lots of elbow grease and I hope he lives on a dirt road ??? or by the beach. Also why I don't recommend using a chain wax on anything but a show bike.
    Get the chain off and see if there's any sideways movement in it, if there is chuck it or it will do your sprockets in in no time, your new ones.
    Don't measure a chain side by side and cut it. Count the links before busting it.

    I dunno but I would be checking the gear change shaft seal or counter sprocket seal. That's a lot of lube............ specially if your selling a bike, Ya thunk he might wash it at least
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  14. @Aarleks did you buy the bike?

    If the seller cannot even be bothered to ensure the chain is in good nick, god knows what the rest of the bike is like.

    I saw in your post you said it looked better than other Spadas out there so maybe don't buy a Spada?

    It's a buyer market at the moment, there's got to be a better deal out there.
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  15. But spadas are awesome :)
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  16. So are unhinged Redheads, but you shouldn't ride one.
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  17. nothing to add really if the chain looks like that I bet the oil is old as the bike.
  18. Haven't purchased it. Gone a bit cold on it after initially being enthusiastic. Had a closer look at the details: over 90,000km, poor chain drive condition, the lube/oil leak beneath the gear lever, general wear and tear. The price is right (I'm broke but very slowly saving), but I don't think the bike is.
    Like I said, compared to other Spadas I've looked at it is pretty good, but then at my price point (sub-$2000) I have clearly looked at some real turds. o_O
    Here is the link to turd-bay, for anyone interested. http://r.ebay.com/2PjCq1
  19. I saw that one when I was cruising ebay the other day. It looks like quite a nice bike there in the photos, but it was sneaky only having one photo of the chain side and that one photo being very poorly lit.
    If I was you I'd continue your search. The ones on bikesales look like they're in good condition with low km's but they might be out of your price range. The owners or dealers may be willing to discuss prices though, the market has been very quiet lately.
    I remember looking at the prices of Spada's in winter last year, they were often bikes for sale in the $1500-$2000 category. It's odd that they've gone up so much.
  20. It's a shame you cant find someone too look at some bikes for you, chain maintenence is often misunderstood & therefore neglected or done wrong by many people, e.g thinking heaps of lube hanging off it must be good, I have bought some good cheap bikes over the years by having the knowledge to look past the crud & asking the right questions. Hope someone near you can help check some out for you