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Spada - chain question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by flashfire, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. After a brief diagnostic, it was decided on Saturday that my Spada desperately needed a new chain.

    So, off I went to my local (and consistently shitty) accessories shop and requested "O ring chain for Honda Spada 250 please". Simple enough request, yeah?

    Well, apparently not.

    My boyfriend spent ages trying to get the old chain off, and ended up having to go back to said shitty accessories store to purchase a chain breaker thingy. Still no joy, so we went to Bunnings to purchase angle grinder and floodlight, cos night had already set in. Finally the old, and apparently original (!) chain came off and it was time to feed the lovely new shiny one onto my Spada.

    Alas, it was not to be. It seems the consistently shitty motorcycle accessories shop sold me a chain that does not fit my bike, which is inline with their customer service philosophy. They sold me a Regina 520orc (135 orc) oring1201.

    Any Spada owners out there know what chain I should have been sold, before I go back to the shitty accessories store at lunch and yell at them? They screwed my weekend plans (naturally, they're not open on Sundays) and I had to catch friken public transport to work today.

    Highly irritated.

  2. that sucks... sounds like your getting a free chain..
  3. I'm no expert. Bottom of this page of the workshop manual has the description, but I got no idea how to read it.


    I haven't had to do a chain myself, changed it twice, but both times Lloyd Penn's done it for me.
  4. Means 132 link chain, O-ring type and rather unhelpfully they leave out that it is a 428. Have already PM'd details to Flashfire.
  5. Update: Tuesday morning

    Well, after a long and cramped bus ride I arrived home last night with my new chain. I was sure it was the correct one, as I had found out exactly what I needed (428 with 132 links, thanks templemonkey) and called my accessories shop to ensure they had one in stock, and so exchanged the incorrect chain during my lunch break. I was informed at that time that I would need to remove 4 links in the new chain, as it was a 136 and I needed a 132. No biggie. I have a power tool fetish so enjoy needing to use them.

    Grinder out, hands prepared for dirtiness I set about putting the new chain on my spada, just making sure of the number of links needing removal prior to me potentially destroying it forever.

    Guess what?


    But how could this be? I spent ages yesterday making sure I knew exactly what part I needed and covered all my bases in terms of getting the correct one. I was even told by the manager of the shop that I would have to REMOVE links, so why is it about 6 links too short? wtf?

    Maybe I am installing it wrong - start over. Nup. Still too short.

    So, I checked the box. There are 3 labels on the box - the shop's label says it's 136 links, so what's the friken story? Hang on a sec - the other 2 labels on this box say that it's 126 links. Riiiiiiiiggggghhhht.

    So, not only are the people in this shop consistently lacking in customer service skills, unable to read books about what chain goes on what bike, but they also don't know how to label their stock properly?

    I am furious.

    My bike has been off the road since Saturday because of their incompetence, my ability to get to and from work has been hindered and my weekend plans were majorly screwed all because MCA City Store are a bunch of tools.

    I demand satisfaction.
  6. Phone the store and ask to speak to owner/senior management. DON'T say what you are after till you get to them.

    Express your intense displeasure at their level of service and general incompetence in providing the required part for your bike (it's not rocket science), and that you shall be informing all you bike riding friends of this lack of service.

    Explain that their inability to provide what is required has impacted on YOUR ability to perform you work. They are after all their to service YOUR needs. You are not their to tolerate there underperformance.

    "What are they going to do to fix the situation!"

    If there is a particular staff member who is at fault...don't fail to mention this to the manager.

    Most managers hate getting calls of this nature and will "make things happen" to not loose a customer (if they actually care) Of course owners are more likely to act as it is their business and you are potential future business.

    Just a few ideas....
  7. Thanks Drew.

    It was the manager who I spoke with yesterday after the inital fcuk-up and who subsequently sold me another incorrect chain. The kid who sold me the wrong chain to start with denied it and blamed it on another staff member who only works on Saturdays. Unfortunately for them, I know all their names (inside info).

    I will be calling their head office and expressing my displeasure, and asking them to rectify the situation. I want the correct chain delivered to me at work before close of business today. I don't care how they do it, but that is what I want to have happen.

    When I buy a can of baked beans from Coles, I shouldn't have to open the can to make sure I am actually getting baked beans.

    beyond a joke
  8. would this "local shitty accessories shop" be on wentowrth avenue?
  9. yep,

    Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse, Wentworth Ave, Sydney.

    I was reluctant to bad mouth them initally, but it's gone too far.

    Having said that, the Parramatta store are great.
  10. noted. be sure to let us know the outcome of this shitty situation ok?
  11. guess which of their branches isn't getting much netrider business in future??
  12. Thats the worst place on earth! I have never seen so many employees in one plce doing so little. There also seems to be a lot of wankers there for some reason. It must be a job requirement. I was in there last Friday buying some draggin jeans, and about 4 of them were discussing what drugs they have taken. <sarcasm>Wow! I wish I was that cool. </sarcasm> There was literally about 7 employees there all doing nothing, and 1 was even being trained in! Incidentally, I wont be going anywhere near them again.
  13. agreed. i've never been impressed much with them in the past...

    i just wish their location and hours weren't so convenient :? anyone have any suggestions as to alternative vendors?
  14. Upstairs in Action Motorcycles a few doors up Wentworth Street. They have a good selection of gear. Not so sure about chains and the like. They are worth a look.
  15. Given the current situation...surely a few extra K's to another shop is worth it to make your point.

    I do the same with IT suppliers...they stuff me around..i take my business elsewhere.

    Then they call me 2 weeks later and ask is there something that has caused me not to use their services anymore...... which i tell them and don't go back anyway.
  16. Exactly - it's the convenience factor that allows them to be the way they are. Drives me crazy.

    I have never seen such poor service in a shop, and such blatant sexual innuendo. They're either completely ignorant of me as a customer, or gushing over me like pubescent boys. It sucks.


    I just called the owner of ALL the MCA stores (John Cassen) and told him the story. He's taken my details and will call me back with a resolution.

    From now on, I'll be shopping at Action (only slightly less evil than MCA), or taking a long ride to Parramatta.
  17. Anything wrong with the long ride???
  18. Or you can pop in and try on whatever you are looking to buy, then head home and go to good old E-bay. Use them as the perfect shop to try before you buy... somewhere else.
  19. :LOL: it's not a bad ride but the parramatta store isn't open late on thursday nights :(
  20. I've found it to be the other way around.

    Action Motorcycles has screwed me around a few times now.

    Got new Tyres there. Not too much trouble, but then they almost misplaced the tyres.

    New Battery. Tried to charge me $100 more than what it should have been until I queried them.

    The Front Brake Switch Light for the Spada. Quoted me 3 times the price + a 4 week delay.

    I got the rear brake lever changed. Part was expensive, but then I had to argue with the workshop to change it for me, because "we don't do old bikes". It's a frigging brake lever. I just didn't have the tools at work to do it. They then tried to charge me again for the brake lever.

    With MCA.

    Luggage options. Tried to get a backrack for Spada, but the ones they have wouldn't fit it. They even called up the manufactures to check for me. Then we discussed panniers + they told me the handy tip of putting masking tape down to not scratch the paint.

    Got both my last 2 helmets and the wifes helmet there. Found them to be very helpful with that, esp for the wife.

    Boots. Got my Gaernes there. The bloke discussed what I needed them for (mainly commuting), and sold me the perfect pair for them.

    Got a Helmet tab for my Helmet, instead of having to buy a new one.

    And finally got a battery charger from there.

    I haven't had any issues, in fact most times I get an additional discount. And I've actually found them, or at least the blokes I talk to, very helpful.

    Now the trade off is I seem to go to Action for parts, and MCA for everything else. For parts Action haven't been good to me at all. For everything else MCA has been great.

    Parts wise I recommend the Honda Dealer on the Princess Higway, just past Kogarah, think it's Honda City. The guy who runs the spare parts counter there on the weekends is great.