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Spada and Across comparison

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by port80, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. I have just traded my Spada for an Across and felt that what I have found could be of benefit to first bike buyers.

    Firstly I bought the Spada a year ago to travel 35kms to work on back roads mainly 70-90kms/hr with a fair few traffic lights. I put 15,000kms or more on it in twelve months, had it serviced regularly and it cost bugger all to run and maintain. Of course it started first time everytime being a Honda and the only time it was off the road unexpectedly was for a nail in the tyre.

    Off the lights the Spada is great fun and gets up to 70km/hr quickly. It will accelerate all the way to the legal limit pretty well, but being a naked I found highway cruising a little tiring and it was easy when not paying attention to slip back to 90, being so light it also felt the crosswinds too. The steering is really light and fantastically easy at all speeds. Low speed maneuvers were dead easy and the bike was really stable while dragging the rear brake. Around town this bike was fantastic.

    I've only done 100kms on the Across ('94 with 16k kms) but they are very different bikes. The Across is a bit more upright than the Spada and could probably handle a larger rider better. Starting the Across is easy as so far it has fired up first time evertime. Getting off the line requires more revs (well duh) as it is an inline four versus the v-twin Spada. First gear on the Across goes up past 50km/hr and changing into second is easy, where as the Spada's first gear is pretty short and I used to change up at 30kmhr, hitting second required a firm kick.

    Getting upto speed on the Across requires very few changes and coming off of the Spada I find myself over the legal limit before I realise it. Not only because it gets there faster, but the speed perception is much different. Once upto speed the Across is stable on the highway, it hasn't tired me like the Spada did and holding 100kmhr is no issue. This higher speed stability come at the cost of lower speed maneuvering, dragging the rear brake around a corner at 30-40 make the front end feel heavy, something I'm getting used to. Above 70kmhr is where I feel this bike is better than the Spada.

    - James

  2. Yep I think their pretty darn good, that is why I own one. Very pratical due to storage tank. Only down factor is only getting about 200kms off a tank of juice being only a 12litre tank.
    If you find that you lose a bit of performance and/or fuel consumption goes up, it is most likely the throttle slide holders are worn. They wear about every 10000kms. If you go to the following site; there is a forum dedicated to the across and also addresses the above problem


    here is another site which is also bloody good