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Spada - aftermarket pipe installation (Staintune)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by flashfire, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. I'm going to be putting a Staintune on my spada. Now, the Staintune is for a VTR250 and comes with slightly different measurements which I will obviously need to take into consideration when cutting off the original pipe...

    I am wondering if anyone has cut a pipe off a Spada before and if so, what tools did they use? Hacksaw, angle grinder?? What about installing the new pipe - is it a simple process with clamps and whatnot, or do I need to get a welder or something?

    Anyone done what I am doing? Using a VTR250 Staintune pipe on a Spada? What was the result? Sound sexy or what?
  2. Your planning on getting it rejetted to suit the new zorst?
    Depends on how the new Staintune exhaust attaches.
    I was going to put in some suggestions about making up an adaptor ring; but i think it's probably going to be easier and safer if you spend the $50 of however much the exhaust shop wants, and get them to do the damage.

    Although when its done, WE WANT PICS! :D
  3. :newb:

    Carefull or you might end up with a streetfighter.
  4. newbie, eh scooter? What are you getting at, mate?

    Koma - maybe you have a point. Getting someone else to install it might be a good plan.
  5. Not likely to need it.

    The ones I've seen are by ring clamp and slip-on collar; The Spada and the VTR250 both run single-piece exhausts, from exhaust port to muffler exit. If you want to change the muffler, you have to hacksaw that shit off, then you'll likely have to sand a mating surface onto the end for the 'Tune to slip over.

    Just for shits and giggles, I'd suggest pulling the whole exhaust off, wandering into a car exhaust place and asking, "How much would you guys charge to make a replica of this in stainless? I'd like it to have a couple of mm extra ID on the headers, weigh less than the roll cage on a rally car, and look less like a tractor part than this one does."
  6. i so hate you (read: am jealous) right now for getting your pipe before mine :p
  7. that's okay Josh - people are usually jealous of me for one reason or another ;) I also got my P's before you did, and will be legally permitted to ride a bigger bike before you are. Does that salt your wound at all? hehehe. :twisted:

    However, you're about to do something (your birthday weeekend stuff.... ya know... ?) I don't think I will ever commit to doing, so I'm a bit jealous about that.

    *pines for romance*
  8. you beat me by a week :p

    (but yes, that week makes all the difference) :LOL:
  9. No need to rejet the bike with a slip on especially a staintune.
    The old exhaust where it has been hacksawed off will taker a slip on which bolts on as a replacement.
    Hacksaw it off as close to the collar of the old muffler as possible.
    The only adjustment you will need to make afterwards is to turn down the idle as the revs will go up due to less back pressure.
    remember if you are only adding a slip on there is no need to rejet.
  10. Or you could save all the hassle and just get Megacycle in Dandenong (VIC) to make you a custom job. Only takes him a couple of hours, and they are ridiculously loud.

  11. Well - I put the VTR250 Staintune pipe on my Spada over the weekend with huge success. :) She sounds damn sexy. I love it very much. Was a relatively simple procedure - if a techno/mechanico-phobe chickee like me can do it all by herself, so can anyone.

    I recommend it to anyone who has several hundred $$ to invest in their spada. Sounds fantastic and there is a noticable increase in power around the sweet spot (9-10k), however I do notice it seems to have slightly less torque down low. I am also a lot more noticable in traffic (and have been getting more smiles & waves from boys too).

    YAY for Staintune! :D

    Will post pics up when I have downloaded them.
  12. Excellent. If there's a bit of a "flat spot" down lower, you might need to get your local wrench to adjust the jets in the carbies a little and that will eliminate the problem. Because the engine is breathing better now, the other parameters have changed a bit.
  13. Thanks for that rc36... I did have to adjust the idle up a little bit too.... The 'flat spot' isn't oo bad, but Jade is getting a carbie balance in the next few weeks anyway, so that will possible sort it out?

  14. this post needs pics and the price you paid for the pipe :wink:
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  16. rather than starting a new thread i would just thought i'd let you know that the weekend ride with flash and her new staintune was too much for me... the combination of jealousy and coming into an unexpected $500 means that as a result i'm picking mine up this afternoon :D

    on a downside i unfortunately did not get the "cute smile" discount so with my club discount am paying $600 :LOL: :|

    maybe i should have sent my girlfriend in to buy it? :-k
  17. YAY for Staintunes Josh :D

    We rock!

    (and if your cute smile didn't get a discount, then I doubt anyone else's would have...)
  18. You shoulda got flash to go in and buy it for you, mate!!!!

    She'd a got you the discount, no worries!!!
  19. they might have been a bit suss (what with her buying 2 staintunes in 2 weeks for a spada) :LOL:

    on the upside, by dropping her name i got my club discount plus a bit more :D
  20. yeh, that might have raised a few eyebrows!!!