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Space at traffic lights?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nightowl, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,

    We hear a lot of talk about things such as implementing stop boxes at traffic lights for motorcyclists, practicing newfound awareness as a rider while also driving a car etc.

    So I have a little question for you.

    Many riders here also drive cars.

    When you're driving a car, how many of you think to leave a space for a motorcyclist in front when pulling up to stop at traffic lights?

    Do we really need more lines painted on the road?

    When driving a car (which is far less these days), it's a habit I've adopted from simply thinking about the "what if's" and trying to manage the space I use better.

    So, I thought I'd throw this little question out there for you.
  2. I have to say I haven't left space intentionally, in front, for a bike. Having said that, they're generally in front of my missus' ford laser.

    But if I see one coming up the middle, I move aside.
  3. I don't see much point in leaving space in front at lights for the "rare" bike that happens to pop in there.
    If I want to get in front of you, I just will...
  4. No I don't. Or understand why you need to.
    If you don't have the nouse to work it out yourself on a bike, then you shouldn't be splitting your way to the front in the first place. Your only gunna cause yourself and some poor Innocent slob grief.
    The more you let the rules and government get involved in your riding the less your going to enjoy it.
  5. I always leave space when there's a bike around (even pushies as I ride and understand what they go thru too)..

    Don't really think there's a need for more lines on the roads as there's enough of those slippery when went lines as there is.
    How about making those turn white fat arrows on the roads thiner please.
    It's just that everything's so nanny anal that law makers think we need a law for everything.
    What's wrong with the odd bike just stopping with the front wheel over the main white line and just letting it be.
    Like it doesn't happen everyday without incident anyway.
    Sensible reality please!
  6. I’ve only been riding for 7 months, driving for 8 years & don’t leave any space as I don’t filter & very rarely see anyone one else do it ether. I live in Townsville so we encounter nothing like the traffic congestion most you blokes would on a daily basis.
  7. bikes are'nt as rare as percieved. they are always around.
    if one breaks down, you will be amazed at how many appear on the scene, seemingly out of nowhere.
    i don't care if cars leave a space. it's when they change lanes at the last instant as they pull into an intersection, no indication, no warning, solid lines.
    that angers me greatly. they think nothing of it. but they could easilly kill someone. shows a complete disregard for the safety of other road users, meaning us.
  8. In the car nothing annoys me more than a car in front of me stopped a good metre or 2 before the line. The line is there for a reason. Advanced stop lane should be placed in front of that line as usually there is a good 2 metres between the stop line and the pedestrian lines. I leave a gap beside me for a bike to filter into.
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    Depends where I am. The only real need for this space is when you have multiple bikes as everyone is pretty comfy taking off from the middle. If im in the city I will leave a space, theres a few lights where it is rare not to have atleast 2 or 3 bikes sitting at the front.

    Does anyone commute down wattle st in sydney? At parramatta road its awesome, always a few bikes to tear off together.
  10. I can really recollect whether I leave a space at the light or not when I'm in a cage. That said I do try to ensure that I keep the gap between lanes as wide as possible at light so-as not to impede any filtering bikes.

    When filtering, I usually make a judgement call before I venture into the gap between the lines. If there isn't room at the front or within the next car or two in the queue I just slot in with the traffic. However, if there is a "space" to the left of the lanes, (a bus lane - NOT bus only or a wide painted area) I'll move up.

    One other thing to watch out for is poorly maintained/heavily used roads such as Ryde Road. As it carries a lot of trucks, the road has "wheel ruts" especially near intersections which can make filtering... interesting.
  11. I'd make space for you honey, but you know that.

    The rest of them though? No!!!! I'm a cager now and I hate motorbikes with a passion. Damn things always getting in the way. Making loud noises past my car. Roads are for cars, and that's a 1,000,000:1 vote in my favour for the stat chaps so no arguments.

    Yes we do, even though a 1,000,000:1 will say we don't. I'd encourage them to think long and hard about their opinion before giving it.

    That's par for the course. However, the $1,000,000:1 question is, how do you get everybody else to do it too?

    The answer is very simple and already thought of...

    From the facebook group... https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=344099119095&v=wall
    ...and yes I know full well what the picture shows which is why I've shown it. For those playing at home, do try to see beyond the obvious. Do try to read between the lines (pun intended), it's not really that difficult.

    Moar I hear you say, give me moar!!!......well ok....
    Massive advantage to that one for obvious reasons. To save those who are playing at home the trouble of stating the bleeding obvious, no it wont work on ALL roads.

    ...and then there's this one, which has been posted adnauseum over the years...

    I was just talking about this last night when I was in the CBD. The space between the advanced stop line and the ped line is already there and under utilised. Except in some instances where cages feel they can advance past it just cos they can. I've mentioned it before but it's worth mentioning again, we get pinged for it, yet cages don't.

    That space's purpose is to keep peds and cages separate from one another, which is fair enough because both groups are full of idiots. However, pushbikes and motorbikes would be fine to use that space, bearing in mind that some peds walk across it because they're no better at keeping between the lines when they're out of their cars as they are when they're in them. Pedestrians are just escaped cagers and should be shot where found.

    Slippery road markings.
    This is a topic all unto itself, if i could be arsed I'd start a thread. Consider this though before posting about it, the technology ALREADY exists and is used to paint NON-slippery road markings presently. You will find them in BUS LANES in Victoria. If you DO NOT have them interstate then I strongly suggest you come to Melbourne and see for yourself before posting your ill informed opinions.

    *resume normal transmission*
  12. if i notice bikes behind me in traffic, or see them waiting to turn left out of a side turning etc, i will keep as left as i can to give them more room, but if im just driving around and i dont see any i generally just drive as i normally would. I dont see bikes filtering all that often.
  13. I've only seen maybe one or two bikes filtering to the front anyway (although I've only really been paying attention since I started riding myself a few months ago), so I don't leave any room. I'll move if I see one coming, but if you leave room at the front you're all too likely to be nowhere near tripping the sensors.
  14. Have they actually started to use this kind of paint for arrows, pedestrian crossing lines, etc.?

    I've only noticed it on bus lanes. They really should use it every time the put down a new arrow.
  15. Great question TGM. If I wasn't already madly in love with Nightowl I'd marry you.

    To the best of my knowledge no, and I totally agree with you 100%
    Maybe I should start a thread eh? Don't to derail Miss owl's.
  16. i'm madly in love with her too. guess i go to the back of the quewe.
  17. oops, i hope Holly dose'nt read that.
  18. I try and stop with the front wheels just before the line in a car. I try to be in the middle of the lane, or if there are other cars already there, to leave an equal gap on both sides, or if I'm not the first car, to line up with the other cars in such a way that filtering is possible. I don't think more paint on the road is a good idea.

    Car or bike, I just try to cause the minimum amount of inconvenience to other road users. I just think it's good manners.
  19. I must say i never leave space in front, i stop at the line :).
    If theres a box for bikes well ill stop short :p.

    I always try and leave enough room for one to filter if he or she wished...
  20. I have noticed some people leaving space, I just thought they were morons that couldnt drive lol.

    Rarely drive myself