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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by lil_mike, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. My new baby <3 also first bike. I am currently on the steep learning curve that is old bike maintenace......by which is mean repairs. still, its lots of fun :D also, my friend couldn't help but make a "this. is. spaaaada" joke the minute he saw it.



    its actually not in that great condition, the photos just make it look better. However, the guy I got it off has offered to respray it for me as long as i provide paint. seen his work too, it's good. so i'm gonna paint it white with two red stripes down the middle :D just 'cause i can
  2. plenty of scope there for spit and polish (y)
  3. Same colour as mine too!
    If you're getting it painted, I recommend doing the instrument housing AND the 2x triangular headlight brackets as well - changes the look of the front for the better IMO...
  4. spit and polish aplenty hornet.........

    oh those are a given NiteKreeper. currently considering whether to get a pair of twin headlamps as well (for $100 its seriously tempting). someone also suggested polishing the aluminium frame, but i'm a little wary of it. might test it out on the back of the frame where it can't be seen :p
  5. Do the twin light for sure, at that price.
    Wouldn't bother with the polishing so much.
  6. yeh, the one lamp was pretty disappointing. Mine also used to drop several degrees at each bump.
  7. nice, wondering what price you picked yours up for?
    also looking at the Spaaaaadas as an option.
    being a 250, do you feel it will keep you entertained till on opens?
  8. I have a Spada (same colour as the OP's!) and it's a great little bike. Handles well, very nippy and has good power for a 250. As long as you don't plan on much highway riding it's a fantastic learner bike in my opinion.

    Of course it will be nice to get a bigger bike in around a year, but for now the Spada is more than good enough.
  9. I've been riding my 650 for a few days while I repaired the Spada's speedo, but I can honestly say it was fun to get back on it this morning and throw it around in traffic...
    Entertaining, yes, just not in the "OMG I'm going so fast" way...
  10. yeah the twins do look hot. i think if i can just remove the thick layer of dirt and oil from the frame it should look fine, but it already ruined one sponge and turned it black haha

    i paid 2100 for mine, which is very cheap. That being said, it does have a few gremlins, but nothing that deters from the riding......much. I think this will more than keep me entertained for at least a year. The power-to-weight on these is very close to the LAMS limit of 200kW per tonne and it feels great to ride also so I don't think i will tire of it soon. And if i do, i'll re-jet the carbs, change the cams and get a new exhaust :D that would keep me entertained for a very long time then, probably for another year more.

    one thing i'm not sure about though, is parts availability. I can tell that some of its components are getting to the end of their life (clutch, brake discs) and will need replacing soon i think. But i like getting my hands dirty so that suits me fine, but it is an old bike just remember that. also, as gongrider mentioned not the best for highway, it gets a little tiring after a while.
  11. Acid based cleaners are what you want. Look for aluminium wheel cleaners (HF acid base - potentially lethal if misused), or citrus based domestic cleaners.

    Stay away from conventional detergents/degreasers, as anything alkaline will eat aluminium.

    Oh and the LAMS limit is 150kw/tonne - and a Spada is a long way away from even that limit (once you remember to add the weight of the rider) :).
  12. ah my mistake jd, i was thinking of the car restrictions for p-platers in qld, not LAMS. didn't know it included the rider weight as well though?

    good to know about the cleaners, just what i needed. yeah i know to avoid the alkaline ones, they have....interesting effects.
  13. Yeah I think they add something like 80-90kg to the weight of the bike to allow for the rider. If you just use the weight of the bike with some 4-cylinder 250s you end up over 200kw/tonne - but adding the rider weight (plus fuel, etc.) brings it back under 150.
  14. that makes a whole lot of sense actually.
  15. I've got a soft spot for Spada's, they're a great little bike. New colour scheme sounds pretty awesome! :grin: