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Southern Classic 2006 October 14 / 15 Broadford

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jdaley, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Just reminding everybody about this fabulous weekend of Historic racing.
    The new bitumen road into the circuit makes it easier to get there and with 44 events especially the sidecars there is plenty to see. on Site catering and bar after racing alwats make it great. For the campers, the traditional band on Saturday night and maybe some silent films as well, why wouldn't you think about coming up.

  2. I will be, its a great weekend!
  3. Aiming for Sunday as I work on Saturday's!
  4. 2007, you are a bit ahead of yaself there aint ya John :rofl:

    anyway, here are a few happy snaps I took yesterday when I was at Broadford with brother G.

    WTF is going on here, what sort of a lean angle requires knee sliders on ya shoulders :p

    A couple of shady characters :LOL:

    My upgrade :rofl:

    and a link to the rest of the pics :grin:

    http://s72.photobucket.com/albums/i169/caz3064/2006 classics Broadford/?start=0
  5. Sidecar swinger
  6. yep, and some guys had knee sliders on their butts :LOL: :LOL:

    It looked like they were having a ball hanging of the side, so much so I want to have a go at it :twisted:
  7. It was a great day. Seriously old skool. :cool:
    We whipped up the back way via Kinglake West and Flowerdale. There was a bit of rain, but not too slippery. The road up the hill just past the Strath Creek is pretty smooth atm. :cool:
    There was much aural pleasure in them thar hills. Lots of brethren watching and racing.
    My favourite was the Unlimited sidecars. There was a ding dong slugfest going on between the 1961 Urquhart Anzani 1100: Lindsay Urquhart and Adrian Lovelace and the 1962 Harley Davidson 1260: John Browne and Rob Hermans. The former coming out on top. Simply buck wylde :!:
    It was also great to be able to walk around the pits and view such fine machinery such as the Vincent sidecar no. 888 and various Indians.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to return today due to other committments, but I understand a certain Chairperson was present with new helmet.
    May be the Island Classic usually held around Australia Day at PI.
  8. Great pics Caz. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. From an organisers point of view it was great to see the huge crowds. We had record entries of 156 people with about 180 machines entered.
    My sidecar [ 68] developed front brake problems when I tangled with another outfit, resulting in no front brakes but we managed to stay generally on the black stuff for every race, with some trick riding. I loved the size of the crowd hanging over the fences and the larger number of campers in the camp ground was a great site also.
    So please consider coming up to our next event, the Vic Historic Titles, BEARS CHampionship and the F2 sidecar Titles in March 2007.

    PS If you want to try swinging, come along to the sidecar training day DEc. 10 at Broadford. www.hmrav.org for more details or search this site or call me on 03 9888 4387
  10. oh man, I'd love to come and have a go at swinging off the side, dec 10th hey, hmmmm
    thats the day the toy run is on, decisions, decisions.
  11. jdaley, I dunno if u had anything to do with the catering, but another food van would've been good. The lines were huge considering the amount of people there!
  12. Thank you for that feedback. We did have another one planned but he pulled out with a blown engine in the van on Friday.
    But we have already made the following plans.
    A separate drink outlet, another coffee bar and the sausage bloke with the Lions Pie stand.
    I would also like another 15 sidecars so if you are even slightly interested come on board before the grid is packed.
  13. There were some blown engines at the track too :LOL: Umm as per sidecars I'm more intrigued than interested in those! Any chance of a chat at PI when the Island Classic is on? Bit closer to me and more chance of getting there.