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Southbank and Friday Night coffee

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, May 29, 2006.

  1. As those who were there on friday night are aware the Police had a disscussion with me in regards to complaints that had been recieved by MCC and also refered to the Traffic Branch.

    Since we have been going down to coffee there hasnt been any issues with us ( motorcycles) , I recieved a call today in regards to the conversation on friday from the Traffic Section .
    They explained ( in a nutshell) that someone ? Resturants / shops within southbank complex has complained about the motorcycles and bicycles riding up the footpath. ( Friday and Saturday night ) even though we arent there saturday it may be another group going down there.

    Now the footpath has now been opened by MCC as shared walkway so this covers bikes ( pushys) to use it and still leaves us out in the cold in regards to riding down there.

    How this effects us :
    I was told by the traffic section that they have no issue with us per-say but
    was also told they would be making some visits down that way in the future to ensure law compliance.
    It is not illegal to park on the esplinarde but is legal to ride down there.
    In saying that, they understand that we travel at a slow walking pace.
    The traffic section has to respond to the complaint and I was given a heads up on this.
    At this point in time the traffic officer has my number and has said that if they are requested to go down they would not book anyone that is riding at slower than walking pace but will book anyone going quickly.
    If they are directed to respond anyone riding down will be given a warning only and he will notify me of a date ( cut off from when the warnings end and tickets start) when they will start booking people for riding down the esplinarde.
    This may not eventuate and the traffic officer was sympathetic to our cause , but the ultimate desicion lays with there powers to be and not them.

    we have 3 options as I see it .

    1) continue with coffee night and wait to see if they start warning riders and see what unfolds .
    2) move friday night coffee to another venue or even down to the open area closer to the bridge where you can enter through the one way street and leave through the car park.
    3) disband coffee night as there now seems to be a coffee night every day of the week anyway .
    4) do people want me look for another venue for coffee night in the CBD / city somewhere.
    I have put this up for your comments ( not to debate the discision as we have no say in it ) on what people want to do.
  2. Sounds like she'll be right Grobby. The coppers are performing the necessary red tape actions to follow up the complaint but as soon as they get there they'll realise that the bicycles go hooning down the strip while the motorcycles move a lot slower - not to mention people can hear our engines so there's far less chance of an accident.

    I reckon it'll blow over. Let us know when they'll be there though, so we can go extra f*cking slow. Painfully slow. Learner's test slow.
  3. slow ride competitions :grin:
  4. I'd say it is a case of just keep things civilised and wait and see.
    If the cops decide (Or are instructed) to put further preasure on us (Warnings and/or fines) then make other arrangments.

    Personaly i think the food/drink options at Sth bank are prety crap, but the atmosphere (Especially in summer) and the chance to create some positive publicity for riding is a damn good reason to be down there is the option is left open to us.
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Good nuff for the licence test,why not,if the cops or cafe owners saw something like the 94 yr old on the back of Robs bike,when Comm games where on,they might change their minds.

    Let it ride and let the chips fall where they may I reckon :cheeky: ,its a good venue and has a good buzz to it,agree on food options,but at least there are options.
    Motorbikes or not,its discrimination when you see some pushbike riders hooting past at faster speeds than we do riding in.
  6. lets stay were we are and see what happens.
  7. Yeah to keeping it in same spot + riding slow. I'm going to have to ride slow while my arm is regaining strength etc and I wanna show off the d675 @ friday night coffee when I get it! :D
  8. Yeah, I agree with Stack Munkey, let's stay there. There has been a few times over the years when we have been warned or been given a quiet word to and it always blows over. I am sure it will this time too. If some riders want to hoon down the esplinade faster than the recommended speeds, then they can suffer the fines and/or warnings. We are all adults and it's up to the individual to ride responsibly when travelling amongst pedestrians.
  9. :WStupid:
  10. I agree - the spot is perfect in the summer - and not too bad in the winter either as at least there are places to shelter...

    The cops have to be seen to do the right thing - and as long as we go REALLY REALLY slow then I guess there probably wont be a problem..

    As Falcon-Lord said - if they start getting heavy on us with fines etc then it might be time to look for another location...but I reckon we should stay put for the moment...
  11. I'm also for staying there for now and to see what eventuates?!!

    As long as everyone continues to keep to walking pace I can't see a problem, and if they want to start with warnings then I'd prefer to move it to another location within the CBD instead of getting rid of the Friday coffee nights altogether...

    I like the location, atmosphere & food (got Nando's in walking distance :wink: ) so my vote would be to stay put... :cool:
  12. Yep, I vote for stay there, riding the clutch the whole way up, making as little noise as possible. :grin:
    Do our best, and no-one should have anything to complain about.

    If on the wild chance anyone gets actually gets a ticket, [Edit: Turns out unnecessary noise is ilegal so alternative posted intead.] We can switch off and dismount the bikes, then run with them up the path as fast as our little legs will carry us (much faster than we ride) sounding the horn continuously to alert others of our approach. It should make the complainers regret their decision, while we behave legaly and in accordance with their wishes. :wink:

    Hopefully though, it'll just blow over when the cops realise the complaint came from a dickhead. :)
  13. Look it sounds like the cops are being quite reasonable, (and they were dealing with glen :shock: :shock: ), I figure you people are right, we know that we haven't done anything to cause trouble, lets just continue as per now and make sure that we are extra considerate of walkers etc and see what happens. Im sure it will blow over. See you all friday night.
  14. I always make a point of going painfully slowly down there, to the point where most often i can just go at a walking pace and ride behind a group of people. Perhaps its just that the pedestrians feel pressured by having motorbikes going so slowly!

    Personally i think the majority of this complaint is actually in regards to the cyclists that go along there at 30+km/h. Almost every single Friday night and im tootling down the pavement doing my slow-ride game, atleast one cyclist goes either past me, or flying past me. I did note the new 10km/h speed signs along the walkway, so as long as we abide by them and keep to the straight and narrow i don't think there'll be any problems.


    Ooh, and a big thanks to Glen (Groberts) for being so diplomatic. I know in the end it just turned into a friendly chat, but atleast we got the facts straight.
  15. We need to stay there if we can. It's a brilliant location in Summer, and good in winter to.
    Dunno why the restaurants would complain...they get our business!?

    One thing I noticed on three occasions in just the hour that I was there last Friday...
    Peddle bikes ripping through there at 10-15k's swerving around pedestrians at the last minute...One bloke even shouldered a ped as he ripped between two people walking together. (little pricks!...it really pissed me off, since they have a legal right to be there but no common sense so as not to abuse their privilage.

    I think if we as a group, arrive and depart at very slow speeds - maybe not sit there too long letting our engines warm up, and just generally not interfere with anyone, how can we possibly be doing any harm. So spread the word around to all netriders.

    In all the times I have been there, I have never seen one Netrider rider, do anything other than completely respect and be considerate of the peds and patrons on foot. Something I have admired in us all.

    Since the cops are being considerate of us and allowing us the latitude they are, we should all just be especially well behaved, so our reputation as a considerate group of people is taken into consideration.

    Remember there are some that just hate bikes - full stop. We need to avoid giveing them ammo to shoot us down.

  16. Nice one Glen.

    Stay put.

    Why dont you organise a video camera on a tripod and let it run for the duration that riders are there.
    Allow it to record the nature lovers peddling at 30km/h then show the cops where the problem is.
  17. Top idea. :)
    All the riders that turn up are a credit to motorcyclists everywhere for the behaviour displayed so it's worth demonstrating.

    But be careful not to get any of our plates JIC :wink:
  18. ...Then again, as motorcyclists we have a right to park on footpaths in VIC.

    I can't see how they can boot us out.
  19. I agree we should stay there.

    But maybe we should ban all the loud bikes, except mine of course. :p
  20. We don't have a right to ride on footpaths though - IIRC, we're supposed to dismount and wheel our bikes to the place we want to park them.

    So they can't boot us out, but they can book anyone who rides along the Esplanade.

    I vote we stay, though. The police (and Glen) have handled this very well in my view, if we continue to do the right thing everything should be fine.