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South Ride Fri 27 or Sat 28 May

Discussion in 'QLD' started by blocka, May 22, 2011.

  1. Ok guys, I havn't been south for a while, A-town, B-bar etc.

    So was thinking about doing a ride down there either of these two days, will probably be my last ride before my weekend away in June so wouldn't mind making sure the bike is feeling right and behaving itself on a decent length ride.

    Will probably leave fairly early from the Sunshine Coast to make sure it's not too long of a day, especially now they are getting shorter.

    Anyone who is keen, post in here and what day you would prefer.

  2. every ride posted of late has been a south run....

    i'am waiting for an other north run, obi obi rd upto kenilworth or something
  3. That's my local and I love it, I'd be keen to do it if you are. Saturday morning?
  4. where do you want to start from ?
  5. Dayboro pool 8am?
  6. sat or sunday
  7. At this stage Sunday will prob be better for me. Have to get the house cleaned for tenants tomorrow.
  8. me and my flat mate could also be keen to join trail with others.
    he can only go Sunday cause he has lady duties today, thought i am free today and tomorrow.
    am on the Gold Coast and have only done 1 Sunday ride South to Nimbin, soo happy to go new places. not sure about doing the full Sunny Coast hike though, but then again could be fun to make a full day of it.
    i only have a few weeks left in Oz so would like to make a least 1 more decent trip.
  9. so who is tempted ? my concern is the wet.
  10. yea I didn't bring the bike to work tonight because of the rain so if anyone is heading north ill be out on peachester about 9am
  11. yeah , that pool was all taped off and waiting a while due to detours, but was a great ride out.
  12. Hey guys put this on ozsportsbikesdotcom last night, no responses yet, anyone here keen?

    (Hey guys checked the weather report for this weekend - looking gud!

    I'm new to this forum and only had my CB400 since Easter. I've ridden Mt Mee and Nebo/Glorious a couple of times each now, one Tamborine run and Bald Knob Road, but always keen for something different

    I noticed a few people from the site live down the coast (or at least ride South a bit). Anyone planning on heading out this Sat or Sun and mind if I tag along? Maybe something like this run? http://motorcycleparadise.blogspot.com/2006/07/great-bike-roads-3.html