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South Gippsland trip yesterday

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Dazzler, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. My mate & his missus and me and mine decided to do a bit of a mystery tour around South Gippland yesterday. It was a bright sunny day, but the wind and the additional gusts were going to prove tiresome. Mate is on a GTR1400 and me on a VFR800, both pretty heavy faired bikes, so thought the wind would be OK. It never pushed either of us more than a metre sideways.

    We headed down to the Sth Gippland Hwy, through Cranbourne down to the Bass Hwy and to the Phillip Island turnoff where we went left and had our first leg stretch and a coke at Kilcunda. We cruised to Wonthaggi with the view of the big waves and the wind turbines off to the right. At Wonthaggi we headed out to Cape Patterson.

    The coast road from Cape Patterson to Inverloch is a beautiful stretch of open twisties for about 12 Km (Yellow advisory signs 65kmh down to 30kmh) almost no traffic too.

    We had lunch at Inverloch watching the ape hangers and other assorted Harleys roaring up and down the street, then saddled up and on to Leongatha. Some great stretches of straight road to open up on if you're so inclined along the Bass Hwy there.

    From Leongatha we rejoined the Sth Gippland Hwy for the return. There is some beautiful scenery in this neck of the woods and the road is as a country highway used to be... ups and downs and alot of bends not like the sanitised freeway alternatives. Speaking of which after just 50 km we reached Lang Lang and the two lane highway, back through Cranbourne for a fuel top up and the final ride home for a well earned espresso.


    What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends.
  2. How long did it take all up? Roughly?

    I never even thought to go out that way, I live pretty close to Cranbourne though so will have to, time permitting :grin:
  3. We left my place around 12:30 and got home near enough to 5:00. We stopped for almost an hour for lunch in Inverloch.

    Aside from the wind, the other pain in the backside was the sun glare on the return. would have been nicer an hour or two earlier.

    I would love to do that Cape Patterson to Inverloch road a few more times though (without a pillion).
  4. There are some great roads down that way usually car and cop free , but ATM there is a bit of a bike blitz on. ..
    Always much less trafficked than Hills ride:).
    I did a ride down there a couple of weeks ago and discovered by accident a couple of nice quiet roads :p that I hadn't been on before.
  5. I was being pretty vigilant and looking hard, but didn't see any cops for the day (touch wood).

    Maybe they were targetting the usual haunts.